Are You Guys Obsessed With Sleeping: Wake Up Clinomaniacs

A strong urge of not getting off your bed, such people are clinomaniacs. Okay, so anything which sounds so full of letters and which has an advent of wrong pronunciation then welcome my dear friends you are discovering a new disorder. Now you must have witnessed a coffee addict? Yes, it’s so obvious but what about a bed addict. Yeah! So now that sounds a bit weird. So when spoken in general terms, it’s basically a psychological disorder when someone has an excessive desire to stay on their bed, without any concern about the rest of the word.

Now they are the ones who hardly give a thought process to their personal and professional lives and simply sleep away their problems. So let me inform you that it’s not difficult for clinomania to wake up, this they can easily do but the problem is that they find it difficult to get out of their beds. You might be thinking that this may be due to laziness and exhaustion but it’s not even close to it, it’s just a “mania”. So it shouldn’t be confused with chronic fatigue syndrome. It is a persistent condition which is as hard to get rid of. It can relapse very easily.


  It first emerged in psychiatrist literature in the late nineteenth century, with one article from 1890 identifying it as one of several “phases of sadness”. From there it fell into more widespread use in the mid-1990s debuting in the American Illustrated Medical Dictionary in 1951 and has remained in albeit occasional use ever since.

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As we know that there is the reason behind every stuff, so yes come here and acknowledge the causes or the symptoms of this “mania”. Here people may suffer from loss of concentration, short-term memory loss, sore throat, severe headache, muscle pain, and a general sense of sleeplessness and drowsiness, body aches, polydipsia, and recurrent infections.


Now you are well versed with the disorder, its symptoms so now let’s get into the remedial process. So the cure for this disorder is via psychological counseling. It is done by a trained psychologist or a psychiatrist, clinomania medication such as serotonin supplements are very effective. Apart from some way too difficult solutions here are also some treatments which are way too easy. Clinomaniacs should shake off the condition by exercising regularly, having a wholesome breakfast, having lots of water, coffee and following regular habits.

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Clinomaniacs live in solitude and it’s hard for them to make friends or have a meaningful relationship. They can outright make as many excuses and miss out on the important things in life. So that they can get a few more hours of sleep regardless of the consequences. So if you see the alarm ringing and the supposed person not getting up on time. Then wait, analyze and conclude – HEYA CLINOMANIAC.

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