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10 Tips To Stay Fit While Working From Home

The pandemic has all of us under lockdown. Most of us are working from home. But that brings forth a new set of challenges for us to face. Most of these challenges are focused on our health and lifestyle. Be it the constant munching of snacks, the weird positions you find yourself working in, or the lack of socializing. All of it comes down to harming our health.   

Thus, we bring you a set of tips to counter the challenges that arise while working from home as much as you might enjoy slight bits of work-from-home conditions. Certain things must be kept in mind for your physical and mental health and to stay fit while working from home. Happy Reading!

10 Tips To Stay Fit While Working From Home

1. While Working From Home, Set Up A Workspace

Set up a personal working space in your home. This area would specifically be dedicated to your work. Using your bed as an alternative for your workspace might impact your mental health, resulting in an inability to relax in the same area. Even if you use your couch as a substitute, your mind will still be occupied with work-related obligations all the time, according to individual psychological research.

The best advice is to set up space while working from home. If you do not have a designated space, even setting up a desk and chair can make a huge difference. This will help in maintaining your work life separate from your personal life.  

2. Get A Comfortable Chair

If your work requires you to sit for hours, it is crucial to choose a good chair. The more uncomfortable your seat, the more challenging it shall be to work with your entire focus. Apart from comfort, it is also required to have the correct posture. Sitting with an incorrect posture may lead to back problems and create further health issues.

Invest in a comfortable and long-lasting chair that will prevent health problems and keep your attention dedicated to your work. But along with a comfortable chair, we would suggest you stand and work from time to time. Give your back a break while reducing long-term health risks.

3. Try To Take Breaks In Between

It can get pretty easy to become too invested in your work. You can get stuck in your seat for hours at a stretch, but this is not recommended. It is essential to take a break and get up every once in a while. You can use an app and set a timer to remind you to stretch and get up from time to time.

Sitting idle for hours can adversely affect your health. According to research, it can put you at risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. Make sure you move out of the house once in your day, even walking around the block. It is essential to get some sunshine and fresh air while working from home.  

4. Set A Routine And Follow It

No matter how tempting it may seem to work for flexible hours and to laze around. But your mental health is at risk. Waking up late and not following a routine can sometimes have a negative impact on your lifestyle. It is essential to set a routine and to stick to it. Set your work hours, and take breaks in between. Make a routine similar to the one you would follow pre-lockdown days. This shall also help in improving the quality of your work. While working from home can get a bit tedious, you can always work through the schedule, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

5. Work In A Soothing And Comfortable Environment

It is crucial to take advantage of work from home. Make your workspace a comfortable place to spend your time in. You have control over making your environment soothing. This will help in keeping your stress levels under control. Moreover, you will be able to produce better quality work in a comfortable atmosphere. A soothing and comfortable environment is great for your mental health during these challenging times. You can set up scented candles in your workspace or have a window with a calming view within eyesight.

6. Exercise Regularly And Schedule Workouts 

When you’re setting up a routine, it’s essential to schedule a regular workout session as well. Regular activity is a must, whether you’re working from home or not. But in this case, it becomes a compulsion because your body needs activity. The hectic hours of sitting in one place and working make your body prone to several diseases.

You can go digital. Schedule workouts with friends or follow YouTube videos that suit you best. This won’t require any fancy gym equipment. Several types of exercises can be done without them!

7. Replace Junk Food With Healthy Snacks

It is essential to keep your kitchen and refrigerator stocked with healthy snacking items. While you’re working from home, you’re bound to take breaks to eat. It is crucial to keep in mind that this can also lead to an excess of junk food consumption. Therefore, keep healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables in your sight while avoiding candies and keeping junk away!

8. Set Work Limits, And Log Out Every So Often

One of the essential things to keep in mind while working from home is to set work limits. It is easy to get stuck with work during odd hours of the day. The comfort of your home may seem enticing to work accordingly. But it is vital to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Set limitations for your work, and log out after work hours. Track your working hours, and do not let work mix with personal hours. Furthermore, avoid working on weekends, and keep an entire day off for your life commitments.  

9. Get Dressed For Office While Working From Home

According to recent research, work quality is somewhat dependent on what you wear while you work. So, instead of wearing pyjamas and working from home, you can dress as if you’re going to the office for better quality and creative work output. It also brings more productivity and helps in improving overall health behaviours.

10.  Include Extra Movement In Your Daily Routine 

Look for opportunities to get up and include extra movement while working from home. You can work while standing for a while, take a walk while taking a call, or take a house tour every hour or so. Extra movements help in improving moods, stimulate creativity, and elevate concentration levels. This helps in the elevation of mental as well as physical health.  

Working from home may sound like a luxury, but the pandemic has us proved wrong! In these challenging times, it is vital to stay safe while keeping our body and mind healthy!

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