Nida Ali

Nida is a Mathematics graduate from Kolkata. A Dhoni maniac, she believes that hard-work and perseverance are the pillars of success. She is brutally honest, a voracious reader and writing has been her passion since time immemorial. Only two things can grab her attention – Books and cats!
  • History

    The Story Of The Unsung Patriot – Rani Chenamma

    Kittur Rani Chenamma We all have read about India’s war of Independence. For more than 200 years, innumerable lives were lost. Millions were killed to set this country free from the clutches of the British. The History textbooks are brimming with glorious tales of various freedom fighters and their tales of bravery. But, in the midst of this, a lot of…

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  • FactsSelfie Coffee

    Now Drink Your Own Self! Introducing – The Selfie Coffee

    Perks Of Technology In the very beginning, we could only print our pictures on paper. Then we could get our pictures printed on our favorite bedsheet, pillow cover, cushion cover, mug, plate, t-shirt, clock and so on. Then came pictures on birthday cakes. And now you can get yourselves printed on your coffee!! Yes, you read that right. Not the…

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  • FashionChikan Embroidery

    Do You Know Who Introduced The Famous Chikan Embroidery?

    Mesmerising Lucknow I once visited Lucknow as a child. Back then, the smell of all the kebabs used to attract me to various shops, just like an insect is attracted to nectar. And who had not heard about the Bhool Bhulaiya? That was one place where I behaved myself and stayed close to my mother lest I get lost. But…

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  • Factsvisa temple

    Trouble In Getting A Visa? Visit A Visa Temple

    India is an extraordinary country. You never know what might be waiting for you as a take a turn in the snaking lanes and by-lanes of this vast country. One is sure to be surprised by the diversity in lifestyle and culture evident in this small piece of land. With this principle of Unity in Diversity, we have learned to…

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  • The Ghost Of Peshwa Narayanrao In Shaniwar Wada

    They say blood is thicker than water. They also say, the way to have power is to take it, even if you have to spill the blood of your near and dear ones. On every new moon night (Amavasya), one can hear shrieks of ‘Kaka! Mala Vachva!’ (Uncle! Save Me!) from the fort of Shaniwar Wada in Pune. Locals believe that…

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