• Health and WellnessComplexity In Human Behaviors: 4 Causes Responsible

    Complexity In Human Behaviors: 4 Causes Responsible

    Ever noticed your younger sibling getting sad after having a nice time at school, the next day? Even our mothers behave differently at times. The jolliest one in the group, who never cancels their plans, refuses to join. When people fall sick, they become irritable. This conundrum of complexity in human behaviors is difficult to understand. Sometimes, we fail to…

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  • FactsAge Is Not A Factor For Staying Fit And Fine

    Age Is Not A Factor For Staying Fit And Fine

    There is no connection between your well-being and your age. Our society has some predefined standards set for every period, such as women must get married before the age of 40 or retirement at the age of 60 is an indication of the end of one’s working capacity, etc. Here are some post retirement options as well. The social precept…

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  • FactsAccessorizing the Right Way

    Accessorizing the Right Way

    It’s not an uncommon feeling for people to want to look like people who always have their outfits on point. But the truth of the matter is that anyone can do it. All you need are the right accessories to spruce up and complete any outfit. There are so many options out there, though that it can be hard for…

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  • Health and Wellnesslongest living people

    5 Countries that Own the Longest-living People in the World

    The average age of a person is found to be 71.4 years. However, there are five such places in the world where people live a lot more than just that. These places are stated as ‘The Blue Zones’ in the studies. 5 Countries that own the longest-living people in the world 1. Sardinia, Italy via – dagensperspektiv Sardinia is the…

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  • Health and Wellness

    The Spectacular Phenomenon Of Aging, A Biological Puzzle

    What only grows and does not decline? We all know the simple answer to this question: AGE. But, have you ever wondered what the secret behind this phenomenal natural process is? Via –  GERONTOLOGY: THE SECRET Aging is a normal process accompanied by a progressive alteration of the body’s homeostatic adaptive responses. It results in visible changes in changes…

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