Horrific Deaths And Punishments In Greek Mythology

There is a vast majority of horrific deaths that took place in Roman and Greek mythology. Many of these deaths were caused by very gruesome and peculiar punishments that were imposed by the Gods. Here is a list of the most devastatingly repulsive deaths that occurred and the brutal sanctions that were given in the mythology.


In Greek mythology, Prometheus the trickster defied Gods and presented ‘Men’ with fire. For his disobedience, Zeus sentenced him to eternal punishment. Prometheus was chained to a stone, and every day an eagle (symbolising Zeus) would feed on it. Since he was immortal, his liver would grow back, and the eagle would again come and feed on his liver.

Prometheus horrific death
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ixion mythology

Once, Zeus brought Ixion to Olympus as a guest. Instead of being thankful, Ixion tried to seduce Hera (Zeus’s wife). As a result, Zeus blasted him with a thunderbolt and was bound to a burning wheel that spun forever.


Narcissus was the beautiful son of a river god. Echo (mountain nymph) fell in love with Narcissus, but he didn’t reciprocate her feelings. Consequently, Nemesis the God of revenge decided to punish him. She tempted him to a pool where he saw his reflection and fell in love with it and committed suicide.

Narcissus story
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Erysichthon was the king of Thessaly. He ordered to cut down the tree from Demeter’s sacred grove. This lead to the killing of one of the dryad nymphs, the nymph’s last words was the curse on Erysichthon. As a result, Demeter responded to the evil and punished him with endless hunger. When he was out any source of food, he ended up eating himself, and hence, died.

Erysichthon greek mythology
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We all know Medusa, the woman with snakes for hair and could turn people into stone. But, she was not always this bad. Medusa was once a lovely woman and was raped by Poseidon in Athena’s temple. This was followed by Athena turning Medusa’s hair into snakes, for being such a temptress. Later, Medusa was killed by Perseus who got help from Gods to kill her, including Athena herself.

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