12 Fashion Comebacks That Will Make You Have Deja Vu

We all know, that ‘time repeats itself, and so does fashion. Fashion has always been making a statement. It could be with unconventional accessories or even a huge hat, everything matters. The guy who looked like a total geek in the 70s with the huge glasses would be considered a total dude in 2017. These fashion comebacks are all people can talk about. You can love them, hate them but there is no ignoring them:

12 Fashion Comebacks That Will Make You Have Deja Vu


THEN: These bold colours have been a hit in the 1920s and 1930s with the film stars. They depicted a bold young woman, ready to take on the world.

NOW: Colors like these have made a comeback after almost a century, and we just can’t get enough of them. Also, actresses like Lilly Collins, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and JLo have been seen sporting these colours unapologetically.

 2. 90s GRUNGE

THEN: Grunge was basically a style of music with sharp guitar and lazy vocals, a trend made famous by rock bands like NIRVANA, Pearl Jam etc. This look was made famous by followers of such rock bands.

NOW: The fashion associated with grunge rock including loose, layered clothing and ripped jeans have made a comeback with celebs like the Olsen sisters and Miley Cyrus sporting such looks.


THEN: Metallic eye shadow was the ‘go-to’ look of the pop stars like Madonna in the 90s, and this look spared none.

NOW: This makeup look is back with a bang and has all the makeup bloggers going gaga over these new shades.


THEN: Appliques in the 90s were not as colourful as today, but their presence can be felt in every childhood photo of the 90s kids.

NOW: Denim nowadays seems drunk on funky and edgy appliques on anything made from denim, from jackets to jeans to bags.


THEN: Nude lip colours were sported by celebs like Angelina Jolie and Farrah Fawcett and were considered as the effortless fashion.

NOW: These nude lip shades are all the people can talk about and the queen of nude lips, Kim K herself has launched her own cosmetics line KKW.


THEN: Round frames were badass, bold and gave that edgy look.

NOW: These frames, give that 90s vibe with a chic look and are sported effortlessly by celebs like Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid etc.


THEN: The 90s, all about experimenting with bold colours, out of the box designs, larger than life accessories and it’s no wonder that face painting was discovered back then.

NOW: First of all, we all dream of going to Coachella someday. It’s the new-cool-must-do thing! Coachella seemingly is the first place that witnessed the people sporting quirky face paint and designs and let’s face it, we all love it!


THEN: Palazzo pants or bell-bottom pants first got famous in the Indian scenario was at the onset of the 80s, from BigB to Neetu Singh everyone wore them.

NOW: They weren’t as elaborate as they’re now, to the ordinary people they were simply bell bottoms. This style again regained popularity due to its ethnic-western appeal, variations and let’s not forget COMFORT.


chokers and charms
Via: Instyle.co.uk

THEN: How can we forget our beloved Phoebe rocking those offbeat chokers and neck pieces and looking perfect as always.

NOW: Chokers and Charm necklaces have taken a different turn towards the minimalist and dapper look and look amazing with almost anything. These are all girls can talk about


THEN: High waist pants have always been an eye-catcher but lost their popularity when low waist jeans came into fashion.

NOW: But these charming pants have found their way back into our closets because they are classy, cool and comfortable. Therefore, They’re the best option for a casual day out.


THEN: Crops tops were the highlight of the 70s, of the famous Retro Era till the late 90s.  We’ve all seen Monica and Rachel in our beloved F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

NOW: Everyone wishes to show off the hours you’ve spent at the gym shredding and working out, crop tops are the answer. Also, crop tops go with almost every form of the garment be it a pair of jeans, pants, high (or low) waist skirts etc.


THEN: Platform shoes were the most outrageous trend in the 70s and then the 90s Disco era. Everybody wanted them, everybody had them, and everybody flaunted them.

NOW: These bold platforms are back in the form of casual shoes, boots and even stilettos/sandals. They have definitely managed to become the star of the show again.

So how many styles are you ready to welcome into your life? Maybe your mother’s Vintage Cartier or your Father’s old Shirt? So many possibilities!

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