20 Food Items That Are Harmful To Your Body

We consume everything that appeals to our eye and that our taste buds savor, but not everything we eat is good for our body. Thus, listing and being aware of what is harmful to our bodies is a must.

20 Food Items That Are Harmful To Your Body


These days we get everything packed and ready to serve. The effort that cooking usually requires is replaced with the wide-scale availability and production of easy to serve frozen food.

Frozen food is the most common form of food of today’s generation, but not all know its harmful effects. It contains dangerous toxins that lead to obesity and even stomach issues. Therefore, we must avoid frozen food as much as possible.


Limiting the use of sugary drinks must be focused upon. To lose weight and stay healthy, you must avoid processed drinks. One should limit other drinks are shakes, soft drinks, frozen drinks, and energy drinks.

These drinks are too high in sugar content, and they lead to increased body weight and high sugar levels and fluctuations in blood pressure.


The more you consume canned food, the more you are being exposed to BPA. There is approximately 90% BPA present in canned foods. The canning process is not too hygienic, and the metals come in contact with food, making it unfit for consumption. Canned food should thus be limited as it is very harmful to the body.


Packed fruit juices aren’t good for your health at all. Juices are something that, if consumed fresh, are beneficial for your body, but packaged juices have added elements that make them harmful to consume.

Freshly squeezed juices are good for your health compared to packaged juices, which affect the body’s insulin levels because of their high fructose content and low fibre.


Ice cream is probably a favourite of most people. Its delicious taste makes you crave it more and more after every meal; however, its nutritious value is extremely low. The various sweeteners added in ice creams make it harmful for your body. They also have high-calorie content that can harm your body.


Processed meat is something that those who are looking to lose weight should avoid at any cost. It is so hazardous for your health it increases your chances of having cancer. Processed meat has chemical preservatives, which are very harmful to your body.

The chemical compounds present in processed meat disrupt the body’s working. Also, they do not contain as much protein as fresh meat.


For a great start to our day, coffee is what we rely on. Unfortunately, having excess caffeine is responsible for a disrupted sleep cycle. Caffeine also tends to lead to anxiety issues. Too much coffee is not healthy for your heart and can lead to panic attacks and heart palpitations. Tension and insomnia are significantly found in caffeine addicts.


Cereals are probably the first food that most of us intake, but it is not known to most that these sugary cereals aren’t too good for our health, no matter what the brands claim. They are responsible for raising your blood pressure levels. This is because the sugar content in your cereals is high, which triggers your body’s insulin levels.


Candy is an all-time favourite of children and adults alike, but candy is also harmful to the body. Consuming an excessive amount of candies that are high in sugar content affects the working of the brain. It also leads to obesity. Another significant and evident harmful effect of eating candy is on the teeth, which is early tooth decay.


French fries are a food enjoyed by all, as a side or a snack. It is our go-to junk food. The fries are cooked in hot boiling oil at high temperatures and are high in trans fat content. These trans-fats play a deadly role for the body as it increases heart-related issues, diabetes, cancer, and increased weight gain.


We hardly find people who do not enjoy a good slice of pizza, or maybe four. However, this tasty delight is extremely harmful to our bodies. The refined flour used to make pizza increases body fat and especially belly fat. The cheese in the pizza is bad for your heart health. Pizza also leads to acidity problems.


When you consume stored fish, it’s not as nutritious as fresh fish. In addition, canned fish contains high levels of toxins, so it’s better to consume freshly caught fish than to buy canned ones.


The cheesier your food is, the more delicious, but too much cheese is bad for the body. Having too much cheese leads to a higher fat content in the body which further increases your weight. Too much cheese is also dangerous for a healthy heart.


White bread is baked using highly processed flour which is quite harmful to the body. White bread is high on additives and has several ingredients and preservatives, which are overall very dangerous to consume. It can be the reason for diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases.


Jellies are a source of high sugar content, and too much sugar is hazardous. It leads to diabetes, triggering insulin levels, unhealthy weight issues, insomnia, and heart failure.


Be it tomato sauce, hot sauce or soy sauce, they too can have harmful effects on the body. First, they affect the acid levels of the body. Second, they can react with the sensitivity of the stomach, causing severe stomach infections.


Most dairy products are high in saturated and trans fat, and butter too is one of them. Butter also contains cholesterol and increases the LDL (low-density lipoprotein) content in a person’s blood which is quite harmful to the body.


Yummy as it is, fried chicken is high in fat and salt content. When we consume deep-fried chicken, it results in disturbances in the body overall. According to studies, people who eat fried food regularly are at a higher risk of getting obese than people who don’t. It can also result in diabetes and severe heart problems.


Vegetable oil is probably the most harmful to the body. When we heat vegetable oils, they tend to oxidise, which is very dangerous for the body. It can have detrimental effects on the body tissues resulting in turning the blood vessel plaques. Vegetable oil is the common reason for heart attacks in many people around the globe.


Chips are lovely to munch on and the first snack to come to one’s mind. However, excessive eating always has a terrible effect on your health. Chips also contain a chemical called acrylamide which makes you more prone to cancer. It is also responsible for making you gain unhealthy weight.

Unhealthy food is, without a doubt, the tastiest. However, if you ever want to get healthier and lose that weight that keeps you from living your best life, it is best to curb the amount of junk you eat.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to give it up altogether. A good thumb rule to follow is, that too much is too bad. At the same time, it is essential not to let unhealthy food rule your life!


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