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    Soul Tattoo To The Rescue: Body Art That Heals!

    It was a lazy Sunday and as it was raining outside, I was curled up in my blanket and was so bored that I was going through my Snapchat and that’s when I came across a snap series called ‘Soul Tattoo’ which said, “Would you get a tattoo based on your aura?”Now you’ll ask me “what is aura?”I know that…

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  • Imagine Tattoos Producing Sounds – Introducing “Soundwave Tattoos”

    Soundwave tattoos are inked on the bodies and can be apparently be heard, and this technology is commenced and in practice from June 2017. The Soundwave tattoos are safe and get inked onto your skin like any other tattoo. The concept of Soundwave tattoo Via –  Soundwave tattoos work on a scientific idea of “soundwaves”. Every sound has its…

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