Chanshal Pass : A Journey Towards The End

“The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets darker.”

– John Muir
Truly quoted by Sir John, the world is a vast place and we must take a look at every beautiful creation of nature before we close the last chapter of our lives.
People travel all across the globe, some for leisure, some for fun and some for discovering new places that give peace to the mind and the soul.  The world is full of fascinating places with stunning and astonishing architectural feats,  tropical paradises, snowy and windy mountains and picture-perfect landscapes.
All these diverse destinations are waiting to be explored. A lot of places remain hidden and are rarely discovered by anyone.  A true wanderer is always up for new challenges and to unravel new places. So, backup your bucket list with one another beautiful and fascinating place known as the Chanshal Pass.
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A Deep Insight :

The Chanshal Pass or Chanshal Valley is cuddled up in the laps of the mighty Himalayan Range. It links Dodra Kwar and Rohru in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh.
Situated at a distance of 158 Kms from Shimla and set at an elevation of 4,520 meters (14,830 ft), it is the highest peak in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh.
It is the mountaintop, which serves as the best place for the nomadic appetite of the otherwise bounded young MNC labors tired of their monotonous dawn to dusk schedules. This place is a hidden treasure, perfect for the adventure junkies. It is a peaceful, pristine site which offers an exquisite hiking and camping experience.  It is all about spending a good vacation without burning a hole in your pocket.

Let’s lose ourselves to the beauty of nature :

The place is the epitome of beauty and peace. Though the journey is long and tiring, the view from the top will really be worth it. The roads to the summit are gravel, rocky, tippy and bumpy at times. The is ascent is steep and, with a lot of slushes and loose rocks, but it all looks picturesque. The trip will be an experience in itself.
Via Source : vargiskhan
The summit offers good scenic views of the Himalayan Mountain range. It’s really windy and cold up there. Even your phone might blow off if you don’t hold it still while capturing what your eyes can’t believe is real, at first.
The trip is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in travel, off-roading, and photography.
The drive is risky but adventurous. Plus, the pleasing and alluring views while on the way to the top will make your journey worth remembering. The beautiful sunset and a cup of coffee with a good book are all the things that you need to experience one of the most peaceful and breathtaking evenings of your life.
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I feel this place is special and unique in its own way and deserves to be visited and appreciated at least once in a lifetime.

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