Are You Aware Of Grand Sugar Pink Clifftop Hotel That Looks Like A Castle Cake?

Can you imagine a hotel looking like a grand castle strawberry flavoured cake with walls that appear more like frosted in the pink icing sugar? Sound interesting, isn’t it!

Well, this is not just imagination as there is a destination in the northwestern region of Chihuahua, apparently not the usual Mexico Cancun. But, seen as a queerest and isolated Hotel Posada Mirador.

And, why it’s so weird or not so popular amongst people, you can judge by its geographical zone and other factors.

Uncanny Location

Via – HotelMirador

Nestled like an eagle’s nest perched on the cliffs that are four times greater in extent than that of the grand canyon. Coloured in millennial pink also known as light pink quartz, one can definitely call it sugar pink; this structured hotel is the home above the clouds with technicolour sunsets and rainbow views.

Over the Copper Canyon National Park, this is the only Adobe that offers a vantage point as no other place can, which is often referred as Mexico’s Grand Canyon.

Historical Plating

Interestingly, several giant canyons are unique in their own way and more famous. They are narrow, deep, and even surrounded by lush greenery. But, history of this grand sugar pink cliff top hotel yields back to a pre-Hispanic culture of the mestizos and Tarahumara.
Via – HotelMirador

Women from local village are welcomed on the steps of the Hotel Posada Mirador to sell their handcrafted baskets and vibrant folk art.

Arena in and around

Via – HotelMirador

Of course, a person won’t find five-star accommodation in the four seasons group, but one can witness more kitschy wooden tables interior. The decor is minimal so far, and focus is more on quaintness and view from the window.

It’s just so mesmerising that one would never wish to leave the cosy comfort of their rooms. In the outskirts, this copper canyon hotel offers a variety of natural wonders, caves, forests, mountains, and an adventurous option of hiking.

Via – HotelMirador

Don’t you think it’s more like a dreamland, or something that looks like a huge castle cake with pink icing sugar located at Clifftop where you can live or spend your vacation?

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