5 Marketing Tactics to Try in 2019

When it comes to growing your business, marketing is your best friend. Through marketing, you’re able to flaunt your products and services to the world—if done correctly. Marketing is a tricky game, especially in the digital age we live in now. Understanding the best marketing tactics can help increase your revenue, grow a larger customer base, and ultimately grow your business! Here are 5 of the best marketing tactics to try in 2019.

Promotional Gifts

Everyone loves free gifts. It makes us feel electrified, and we tend to perceive the item we’re getting for free is more valuable than it’s actually worth. Capitalize off this concept! Buying a bulk order of custom lighters, phone cases, or travel mugs to customize with your company logo is a great way to advertise your company. Order large shipments because large shipments are much more affordable and will give you a greater supply. Having your logo placed on items like backpacks, phone cases, laptop cases, and t-shirts will help your company get seen. Although many passersby won’t stop a stranger and ask what the logo on their shirt means, they’ll see it and register the logo subconsciously. Give out promotional gifts at events, to your customers, and to your employees to expand your company’s presence. You could also use 3D printing to make your brand stand out.

Digital and Online Marketing

With technology at the forefront of many industries, it’s crucial to establish an online and digital presence. All companies should now have a website where their customers can easily look up your products or services. If your company doesn’t have a website, there are numerous online services to help you create your own website.

Digital marketing isn’t simply creating a website. Digital marketing is marketing across all modes of digital technology. You can digitally market in a variety of ways. Utilize an email service provider who can send marketing campaigns and information to all of your customers who subscribe to your list. Or, send text-messages after they make a purchase with a thank you or link to a customer service survey. If you want to grow your business into a brand-name company, know your audience, and learn different ways you can communicate with various demographics across different platforms. Internal linking can help you build it and you can learn how to do it considering internal linking strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed the game. Many social media apps are now allowing users to make purchases right on their interfaces. Social media is an extremely powerful tool that can help boost your company tenfold. If you want to grow your online presence, social media is the way to go. Posting one to two times a day at different times is a great way to interact with consumers.

If you find yourself swamped with work, you can utilize social media managing services to schedule your posts on various social media platforms. Another powerful way to grow your brand is by pairing up with a social media influencer or celebrity who has a large online following. Through this tactic, you can have your business or product seen by millions with one single post by an influencer.

Engaging With Your Customers

Customers don’t want to feel like they’re just a number to your business. They want to know that they are valued and cared for. Engaging with your customers can help your brand be seen and heard. Through social media, you can create challenges for your customers to partake in, such as a selfie challenge! Here’s an idea: see who can take the best selfie-stick photo while wearing or displaying one of your products, and with a hashtag related to your company. Then, you can turn this into a contest where one of the participators wins a giveaway or package.

You should also be communicating with your customers online daily. If one of your customers posts about you or mentions you online, respond back, answer their questions, or make a joke! This will make your business seem transparent and customer-friendly.

Referral Program

Finally, you can create a referral program for your customers. Offer your customers rewards or perks for every customer they refer who buys your product. Not only will this keep your current customers happy, it will draw in new customers that will hopefully become regulars.

In Conclusion

There are numerous types of marketing techniques to grow your business. However, knowing your audience and the product you are selling is important. Using these 5 marketing tools will allow you to grow your brand both online and offline to attract more customers and bring in more money.

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