Professional vs. DIY Suspension: What You Should Know?

Does your Jeep need a lift? A new suspension system is a great investment for an off-roader. It’s also a great option if you’re looking for more clearance or a stylish look. Explore your options for professional vs. DIY suspension upgrades and find the shocks, lift kits, tire rims, and other components you need to give your ride the lift it needs.

Lift Kit vs. Leveling Kit

Lift Kit vs. Leveling Kit
Source: Morris 4×4 Center

The first decision you need to make is a lift or leveling kit. Leveling and lift kits for Jeep Wrangler offer different benefits and are typically used for different reasons. A lift kit is used to give your entire body a boost up to 12 inches. Lift kits are slightly more expensive but offer far more clearance and room for larger rims, bigger shocks, and other off-road features.

Leveling kits simply balance out your Jeep. Use a leveling kit to bring up the front or rear of your ride. They are typically used to restore the right look of a Jeep that’s carrying a heavy load. A leveling kit is more affordable and easier to install than a lift kit but won’t give you the same level of clearance.

Both kits require some work. You’ll need to lift your Jeep, separate the axle and independently support it to place spacers in between. Consider whether this is a task you’re willing to take on by yourself or if it’s best left to the professionals.

Professional vs. DIY Installation

Professional vs. DIY Installation
Source: Autowise

There’s nothing quite as convenient as professional installation. Pulling up to a shop, waiting, and driving away with a fully installed kit may seem like an attractive option. If you’re pressed for time or don’t have the tools necessary for a DIY suspension project, professional installation is the way to go. Ask a trusted mechanic if you can order the kit and bring it in. This gives you more freedom to shop for the lift or leveling kit you want.

DIY suspension projects require a little know-how and quality jacks. You’ll need to lift your Jeep and be sure the axle is properly supported. You’ll also be working around your shocks. If you have the equipment, experience and confidence to tackle a DIY installation, then you can typically cut the price of the project in half. Love tinkering with your own ride and have the resources available? This will be a fun weekend project for you.

Shopping Online vs. In Store

Shopping Online vs. In Store
Source: Mutually

Driving to your nearest auto store takes time. Once you’re there, you’ll have to check out the in-stock selection. If you want a specialty kit, you’ll probably have to order it or go to another store to find it in stock. All this takes time and gas money as you drive around town looking for the best kit for your Jeep.

Online shopping is far more convenient and easier than in-store shopping. Regardless of the type of kit and installation method, online shopping saves you time and gas. Easily compare name-brand kits and verify that they match your make and model of vehicle before ordering. Check for promotional pricing, discounts, and deals on bulk orders as you order your kit and any Jeep camping accessories you need for an unforgettable weekend experience.

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