• Health and WellnessReasons To Eat A Rainbow Meal

    8 Reasons Why You Should Eat A Rainbow Meal

    What is your idea of a healthy meal? What does your ideal healthy meal include? How often do you adhere to the consumption of a healthy meal? Food and health are terms that are equivalently related to one another. In order to sustain a healthy and happy lifestyle, it is essential to keep your taste buds, stomach, and bodily nutritional…

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  • Facts

    The Perfect Honeymoon Destination Madikeri

    The distance from Mysore to the romantic hill station of Madikeri is 120km. It is a very beautiful valley surrounded by plantations of coffee and different spices of the district of Coorg. Situated at a height of 1061m, it is an extraordinary destination for a solitary honeymoon. This city of Coorg is bounded by the Western Ghats and Sahyadri ranges.…

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  • Health and Wellness12 Natural Appetite Suppressants That Actually Work

    12 Natural Appetite Suppressants That Actually Work

    We have all fallen in love with that magical experience called eating. That makes food our favourite term. However, the work pressure and lifestyle of today’s world has led us to have terrible eating habits. Many people find temporary relief by eating junk food because that increases dopamine in our brains for a while. It reduces stress, again, for a…

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