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8 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure

“No, I won’t do it…I’m sure I’ll fail.”

“I am not going to try that because if I am not able to do it, others will mock my inability.”

“I am going to procrastinate and put aside my work lest I’m not perfect at it immediately.”

Are these the phrases you find yourself living by?

The most common thing each of us experiences in our day-to-day life is the fear of failure. Because of the fear of failure, we don’t even dare to take up the task. It keeps us away from new and exciting, and sometimes, potentially life-changing things.

8 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure

1. Don’t Be Harsh On Yourself

I know it’s easier said than done, but we need to remember that we are only human and that failure doesn’t make us any less worthy in any manner. Every day, remind yourself of all you’ve achieved so far and the lessons you’ve learned.

This may sound sappy, but life is a journey, and a hiccup or two shouldn’t keep you from reaching your destination. Let yourself make mistakes and learn from them! DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF! Instead, dust yourself off and tackle it again if you face failure, wiser and more experienced this time.

2. Positivity

The fear of failure puts us in a negative mood. We get lazy, pessimistic, and afraid of taking a step forward. We need a little positivity to see that things may not be as bad as they appear. Think of what you will be achieved if you do take that step forward.

Remember, a setback does not have to be the end of the road. When you genuinely think about it, most situations do not require you to be perfect right from the start. Instagram never showcases the failures, but it is something that everyone has to go through, despite what society might want you to think.

Instead of being afraid of failure, we should be fearful of the opportunity we are being given. A simple change of your mindset will lead to wonders!

3. Think of all Possible Outcomes

“What is going to happen next?”

“What consequence is my action going to bring?”

It is okay if you are questioning yourself about all possible outcomes. To think about all the possible consequences is a good option. It is good to have a rough idea of what might happen in the future and prepare yourself. However, try not to get lost in your thoughts and stop yourself from doing the task.

4. Focus On Achievable Goals

Oftentimes, the fear of failure grips us because the task at hand, or our goals, may seem monumental. Taking on it as a whole may not seem easy or even possible at times. Instead of that being the reason to deter you, set small goals that seem achievable.

Following these goals are a lot easier and will ultimately lead you to success!

5. A Backup Plan

No doubt our society is obsessed with the idea of success. Everyone wants to be successful. You, too, are very sure of your success. Don’t visualise only success. What if the situations are otherwise?

The good thing is to have a plan. A backup plan. A solution is much needed when the worst has happened. Having a plan gives you confidence, and you are ready to take up the risk. Eventually, there isn’t room in your mind for fear of failure.

6. Learn!

“I am not good enough.”

“I will never be successful.”

“I am the worst!”

Things have not gone the way you had planned. Such negative thoughts meddle with your mind. Things always don’t turn out the way you have planned. Not always. But instead of giving in to negative thoughts, ask yourself these questions-

“What have I learned from this?”

“How will this help me to grow as a person?”

“What were the positive outcomes, if any?”

These questions will provide you with comfort and a new lesson to apply in the future!

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Help

If ever you find the fear of failure constricting you from doing things, seek help! Several people before you have faced the same obstacle-ridden road and manoeuvred through them, emerging victorious or at least wiser than they once were.

If the fear of failure strikes you, take help from those more experienced than you!

8. Failure is Temporary

Failure is inevitable. You can not avoid or hide from it. There is no success without failure. However, another important thing you need to realise is that failure is temporary. It is fleeting.

When you fail, you feel like there is no good in the world, and it’s pointless to keep trying. So you learn a lesson or two. And then what?

You reinvent yourself. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start afresh—Ready for new challenges.


The fear of failure may stop you from doing things as little as completing an assignment to those as big as pursuing your dreams. When you get over this fear of failure, you will find yourself learning new things, becoming more confident, and of course, achieving your goals. So go out there, live your life, follow these steps, and do NOT let the fear of failure act as a barricade!


Darsh is a blogger and previous owner of this website.

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