Colourful Eyeliner Ideas: Adding a Pop of Colour to Your Makeup Routine

Makeup makes every woman a superhero because it gives them some kind of superpower. Wearing lipstick gives you the ability to pull out a perfect pout and wearing an eyeliner gives you the ability to do the talking with your eyes. If you too want to become a superhero, you need to choose what superpower you’d love to possess. 

If you want to talk with your eyes by making them more expressive, you need to start applying eyeliner. There are several different eyeliner styles to experiment with, so you don’t have to stick to the basic ones. You also don’t have to be a pro at applying makeup, just check out a few easy tutorials and learn the ability to draw the perfect eyeliner. 

From cat eye to graphic eyeliner to winged ones, the budding eyeliner styles are just a way to amp up your look. Check out these amazing eyeliner styles that you can easily pull off to add a pop of colour to your everyday looks.

1. Neon flick:

When speaking about different eyeliner styles, the neon trend doesn’t easily come to mind but you gotta try this out. You can use a liquid or a gel liner and a slanted brush to ensure you get that perfect flick at the end. You can choose neon colours such as green, orange and even yellow to curate this catty look.

2. Multi-coloured muse:

If you’re feeling quite colourful today, why not showcase the same in your makeup? Wear eyeliner of two different colours or even the same colour in varying shades to make your eyes pop. dark and light blue are the best colours to start with.

3. Red strike:

Red can be an unusual colour but if you really want to be a trendsetter, you can try this look. Use a pencil or cream formula for this and start by drawing the wing first on the outer corners of your eyes for a more comfortable application.

4. Brighten the waterline:

For a no-makeup makeup look, you can simply brighten your waterline by applying a white eyeliner, which also helps diminish the redness of your eyes. This is a clever trick for those who’ve slept late at night and woken up with puffy eyes.

5. Smokey, smudged frame:

Nobody can resist the tempting smokey eye look. Instead of using a black liner, you can opt for a chocolate brown shade and smudge it with a brush or your fingers for that dramatic effect.

6. Two-toned look:

If black eyeliner is too cliched for you, don’t take it off. You can simply enhance your look with a two-toned look by opting for another coloured liner such as bright pink or electric blue for your lower lash line. 

With so many eyeliner styles to try from, you can bring pomp to your look by adding glitter around the liner. But when wearing an elaborate eyeliner style such as the graphic or winged liner, make sure you maintain the balance of the look by letting go of the lipstick. From date nights to parties to weddings to a day out, sport amazing eyeliner styles and let your eyes do the talking.There are a few luxury makeup brands available in the market.

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