All You Need To Know About Increasing Your Energy

Often we feel lethargic as soon as we get up from the bed. The reason for this is a lack of energy in the body. Even after motivating ourselves to go on with our daily work, we feel exhausted throughout the day. Not only this, one may suffer from a bad temperament and feel less enthusiastic in their activities. The fight against ENERGY goes on day and night. There are certain solutions for increasing your energy, which refreshes the body and the mind as well.

How Much Energy Is Needed?

The amount of energy required depends upon the weight of the body. If an average weight individual leads an active lifestyle, he will require relatively more energy. If he works less, he will require less amount of energy.

Various other factors also determine the amount of energy required by the body. In the case of diabetes, the level of blood sugar increases rapidly due to the intake of food containing a glycemic index. Therefore, diabetic patients should consume such food in fewer quantities besides the proper consumption of calories daily. 

Therefore, it can be said that three factors control the amount of energy required by any individual: the body weight, diabetes, and the work level. Normally speaking, an adult with a weight of 60kg and a very active life needs 1800-2000 kilocalories of energy daily. 

Deficiency Of Energy

Deficiency Of Energy

If an individual does not have the required amount of energy in his body, he will always suffer from fatigue. In this case, the source of energy is also very important. It should be kept in mind that one requires not more than 50% kcal from carbohydrates and the remaining 30% from protein and 20% from fat. Food like ghee, butter, red meat, etc. contain saturated fat and they should be avoided as much as possible. A balanced diet is a prerequisite for obtaining a proper amount of energy.

Instant Energy

Instant Energy

After a hectic day, people often have energy drinks containing brain stimulants to increase their energy. Just as the beverages tea and coffee make you feel refreshed, these energy drinks to provide some energy for the time being. They have side effects too. An increase in heart rate and blood pressure are some of the consequences. Especially those who have high blood pressure should not consume these kinds of instant energy drinks. Not every individual needs an energy drink. An athlete for instance might require certain drinks like an electrolyte. In place of packaged drinks, salt and sugar water can be consumed also.

A Proper Diet

Instant Energy

Food with extra carbohydrates or unsaturated fats should not be included in the diet. No doubt that they provide energy for a certain time period but at the same time they have side effects too. For instance, the consumption of red meat can increase the level of cholesterol. Therefore, these things should be kept in mind while choosing the energy source and for increasing your energy.

How Can You Get Rid Of Exhaustion?

How Can You Get Rid Of Exhaustion?

Physical exhaustion is bound to arise in the body during summer when not only the heat increases but also the humidity in the air. Since the body sweats a lot, it is essential that you do not stay in warm places for a long time. The heat control factor is more difficult in the case of old people and those who take medicines for blood pressure. One should drink lots of water if he stays in the heat for a prolonged period. There is a high chance of heat exhaustion or heat injury in the case of people who take nerve and blood pressure controlling medicines. 

People who are unaccustomed to hard work in the heat tend to get tired easily. Heavy-weight people also face difficulties. All of these people should drink large quantities of water so that dehydration does not occur even slightly. It is necessary for those individuals who often feel tired to exercise regularly. Stress is another factor that leads to weariness. Exercise helps to reduce stress also.

The Role Of Rest

The Role Of Rest

A very important factor for increasing your energy is proper sleep. Generally, an adult needs to sleep for seven hours a day. Keeping your eyes glued to the screen before sleeping can hinder sound sleep. Blue-light exposure should be stopped at least an hour before sleeping. Actually, our brain needs some time to ‘shut off’. You will not be able to sleep properly until this is achieved. Also, exercise is a must. Exercise-sleep-energy, all three are connected with each other.

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is absolutely necessary for a sound sleep. You should maintain a proper sleep cycle. It would be beneficial if you sleep at the same place every day. You can read books or listen to music before sleeping. This will ensure a good sleep. Try to forget all the stress and soothe your mind to sleep.

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