4 Super Easy Yoga Asanas For Boosting Immunity

Yoga is one of the most ancient practices performed by people to achieve a better body and a healthy lifestyle. Why do we keep coming back to different yoga asanas? Have you ever thought about that? Yoga is beneficial for endless reasons like stress relief, flexibility, improving mobility, and strength, and, most importantly, establishing spiritual connection and connection to our inner selves. More than anything, we keep coming back to yoga for building resilience from both inside and out.

People who perform yoga consistently tend to have a better immune system; it keeps your body and cells relaxed even when you experience stress. Yoga reduces stress naturally and releases feel-good hormones, which reduce overall inflammation.

Yoga supports both the mind and body’s optimal wellness, but there are certain yoga asanas for boosting immunity. Here are some easy yoga poses that anyone can perform and anywhere without any equipment.

4 Super Easy Yoga Asanas For Boosting Immunity

1. The Forward Fold

The forward fold is also known as Uttanasana. The inversions involved while performing this asana bring a lot of benefits to the mind and body. It is one of the easiest and most gentle yoga poses, which helps to boost your immunity.

The inverted posture and forward bends improve blood circulation, especially the flow towards the sinuses, which eases congestion. Sinuses and mucus membranes act as a first-line defence system against infections, which means keeping them healthy would keep our immune system healthy.

Try staying in the position for at least 5-10 breaths or as long as you feel comfortable, and then slowly release that pose to prevent dizziness.

2. Legs up the Wall

This yoga asana is also known as Viparita Karani. Legs up the wall is the ultimate stress bursting position and are considered one of the most comfortable and staple practices in boosting immunity.

It promotes better blood circulation to the entire body, releases back and neck pain, and allows lymph drainage. It is the most relaxing position for the entire body, releases pain, and keeps you grounded, relaxing your nervous system. The nervous system is supposed to be strengthened and needs to function properly to get optimal immunity.

Try holding the position for at least 1-10 minutes; for extra impact, try putting some weight on the top of your feet like a sandbag, book, or even a pillow works great.

3. The Supported Fish

It is commonly known as Matsyasana Variation. The supported fish yoga asana is one of the most relaxing and feel-good poses and is considered great for your immune system. When your body feels tired or physically drained, this yoga asana helps release pain and tiredness; it’s great when you have been feeling exhausted. Supported fish pose is also helpful in treating lungs; therefore, it helps open up and relieve congestion.

Try staying in this yoga asana for at least 1-5 minutes; make sure you relax your chest and shoulders, open up your arms wide, and place your palms facing up. If you happen to have a yoga bolster or yoga blocks, that’s even better. But if you don’t own one, try doing it with a rolled-up blanket.

4. Sitting And Breathing

Sitting and breathing simply translate into Sukhasana and Pranayama in Sanskrit. These are the easiest, simplest, and most effective yoga asanas for boosting immunity. Sometimes, the most simple and easy approaches lead to the most effective outcomes. Well, the same can be stated for these asanas; sukhasana is the traditional position for meditation. This asana helps in relaxing and calming down your body. It also allows optimal breathing throughout the body.

It helps in allowing yourself to breathe and relax, which reduces stress hormones, promotes a healthy heart, and calms your nervous system down, which supports the achievement of better immunity.

To perform this yoga asana, find a comfortable position, and sit in a cross-legged posture. Take deep breaths, straighten your spine, and then exhale. Keep repeating this process for at least 10 breaths or stay for as long as it takes for you to feel better.

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