7 Reasons why everyone should try Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreams give you the ability to take control of your dreams. You are both asleep and subconsciously directing your dream in this state, mostly fulfilling your fantasies. Lucid dreams can be an empowering experience, which liberates you from all the prejudices, and lets you explore the depths of your mind. It gives you a different kind of self-confidence, which is highly rewarding. According to studies conducted, it was recorded that at least half the population of the world has already experienced a lucid dream once in their last time.

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Reasons why everyone should try Lucid Dreaming:

1. Be the Director

Lucid Dreams
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Lucid dreams give you the power of being the director of your magnificent dreams. You are the decision-maker, you choose the location, the characters, weave your own story, and be the hero or villain of the narrative. Your creative side of the brain, that is the right hemisphere is highly active, especially during a lucid dream, and you are highly self-aware about what is going on. Visit the undiscovered places in your mind.

2. Unfolding the Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets
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It is somehow underrated getting to know yourself from within, self-discovery is one of the key aspects that help you gain confidence. You can take the help of lucid dreams to understand yourself better, unfold the deep desires, and explore the suppressed feelings. Find the purpose of your existence, and discover a new meaning of life through such dreams.

3. Meet your Role Models

There are certain role models we look up to, wish to be like them, or be as successful as them. Lucid dreams allow you to meet your role models, interact with them, ask them the questions you have always wanted answers for. It may seem weird, after all, it’s all in your head, but that’s the beauty of Lucid dreams, it doesn’t have any restrictions. Lucid dreams expand your horizons and let you go to the farthest of lengths.

4. Reunite with the Lost Souls

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Losing your loved one, unexpectedly and untimely leaves a void in your heart, the pain becomes unbearable. Sometimes death can scar you for life, change the meaning of everything. But lucid dreams can help you come out of the depression, you can reunite with the one you lost through the dreams and make peace with it. Their memories will always stay with you, meet them in your dreams, talk to them, and process your grief. Lucid dreams can play an essential role in your psychological understanding and help you get through hard times.

5. Face your Fears

Facing the fears
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We all have several fears and phobias, but there is a way to overcome fear. In your lucid dreams you are aware of your safe surroundings, which means you can put yourself in a scenario having to deal with your biggest fear and try to overcome it in your dream. When you are lucid dreaming, the gravity of the situation can vary, which gives you an upper hand.  If you practice that, it helps you find a way out and gives you immense confidence to face your fear in real life.

6. Let Go of Inhibitions

Why do we get influenced so easily? Why does someone else’s opinion become our facts? Why can’t we just believe that our opinion or understanding about anything and everything can also make sense? We, humans, expose ourselves to the same mindsets, and get stuck in an echo chamber, we never explore new facts and opinions. Honestly, with the emergence of digital media it’s difficult to not fall for popular opinion, but in your lucid dream you can free yourself from inhibitions, understand the raw topic, and form your original opinions. This will brush up your cognitive skills and enhance your life skills.

7. Visit the “Other Side”

Dream World
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Tv shows and films like ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Insidious’ ignites a curious mind in individuals. Is there upside down? Does the further exist? Well, to find out lucid dreams are your best option. It can take you to a different dimension, a parallel universe, and maybe even the upside-down. But it completely depends on your interest and how curious you are to time travel or visit a different version of earth. 

Plan your escapade, have the best otherworldly experiences. Lucid dreams can be the escape from your otherwise stressful lives!

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