Do You Know About Sleepy Head Day?

You may have encountered a lot of people but do you know any laziest person around you? You may know but what you do not is that there is a day in Finland, known as National Sleepy Head Day, which is celebrated for such people. So, what is so unusual about the day. Let us discover more about this remarkable day.

What is Nation Sleep Head Day?

The day is dedicated to the last sleeping member of the family. The member is, however, consider as the laziest person of the family. The person is either thrown in water may it be sea or lake, or water is poured to wake him up. On every 27 July, the last sleeping person is woken up with great enthusiasm in Finland.

Why is it celebrated?

National Sleepy Head day is tradition followed in the memory of Seven Sleepers of Ephesus in the Christian tradition. The story goes back to around 250 AD when seven people who were given some time to recant their Christian faith. However, they escaped into a cave and fell asleep. Decius, ruler of the time, sealed the mouth of the cave. Decius, the emperor, died in 251 AD leaving the sealed cave in which seven people are sleeping.

After around 200 years, during the reign of Theodosius II, people decided to open the cave to keep cattle. They found sleepers sleeping in the cave and wake up as they open the cave.

These sleepers became legendary and celebrated as the laziest people in the mythology. There is a belief that if anyone oversleeps on that day in Finland, they will remain asleep for another 200 years like these sleepers.

Sleepyhead day in Naantali

The day is an unofficial holiday of Finland mostly celebrated in Naantali, a small town near Turku. On this day, people in Naantali especially get up early to celebrate the day. Furthermore, they pick a famous person to take out of the home just to throw them in water.

Wrapping up

With such unusual tradition, people create joy out of their routine life. However, it is a great idea to teach a lesson to the laziest person of the family. So, know more about such unusual festivals and celebrations.

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