The Name Game: Hurting Your Career In Search Of Uniqueness

Your name is usually the first thing people retain about you. Knowing someone’s name influences you to recognize them and know them better. Moreover, it tells you various things such as their race, age, and religion. Beside this, what other influences do you think your name has?

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Several studies are currently being performed on this very matter.

According to an Australian author, non-traditional baby names can have an impact on children’s future career prospects. Giving kids a rare name can impede their chances of employment in mere future.

Some claim that the ability to pronounce a name is directly related to how close you feel to that person. While on the other hand, researchers also believe that people with simple names are often viewed more positively and are hired and promoted without many halts.

A study a group of MIT researchers state that applicants with African-American sounding names get neglected during the process of hiring. Surprisingly, an ethnic or black name is usually perceived to have low education or socio-economic class.

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A host of research proves that one’s name can affect his/her lifetime success. For instance:

  • People favor you more or judge you positively if your name is easy to pronounce and spell.
  • A more common name is likable, and hence has an increased tendency to be hired.
  • In fields controlled mainly by men, women with sexually ambiguous names are more likely to achieve success.
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  • A person with an uncommon name is more likely to be an offender.
  • Also, a white-sounding name is more employable and hence makes a better hiring opportunity.
  • One is more likely to work in a company that matches his/her initials.
  • Using a middle name makes one look smarter as well as more competent. Additionally, it increases people’s perceptions of your intellectual capacity and performance.
  • A nobler-sounding name increases one’s chances towards promotion.
  • Moreover, people with a shorter name tend to earn better.

Today, parents tend to give their child a unique name with the intention of bringing about a sense of individuality. But this obsession of standing out is in some way or the other ‘crippling’. Also, using an alternate spelling of simple names becomes unnecessarily complicated for the child.

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