14 Most Bizarre Markets Around the Globe

Do you love shopping? 

It won’t be wrong to say that a maximum of you would surely be. What do you like to shop for then? Clothes, footwear, books, cosmetics, jewelry, or what? 

So, if you love shopping and usually, it is for the same thing, you must have some specific place to buy that. Yeah, a market. Let’s leave all our native demands today and explore the 14 most bizarre markets around the Globe.

14 Most Bizarre Markets Around the Globe

1. Freitag’s Container Shop in Zurich (Germany)

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Freitag Container Shop in itself is a work of great zeal. Container Shop is one of the most unusual recycled kinds of shopping complexes. Located in Zurich, this Container shop has 19 rusty containers. Achieving a height of 85ft above the ground, this bizarre shop is famous for its wide variety of recycled freeway bags. This recycled market is home to over 1600 bags spread over its four floors, with the largest selection of ‘Individual Recycled Freeway bags.’ The raw material for these recycled bags is truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes, seat belts, airbags, etc.

2. Djemaa el Fna in Marrakech (Morocco)

Djemaa el Fna--Procaffenation
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Djemaa el Fna, or the dead’s assembly, once had been the execution center for Christians and criminals. Nowadays, this place is a huge market, a cultural hub, and a performance area. Commonly known as ‘La Place,’ this market looks like an ordinary shopping area, but this entire land transforms into an Arabian dream as the night approaches. The mouthwatering Moroccan dishes are available throughout the streets of this market. One can enjoy the evening adorned with dance groups such as Aissaoua Sufis, the Gnaoua trance-healers, and Andalous musicians.

3. Witches’ Market in La Paz (Bolivia)

Witches' Market--Procaffenation
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If you believe in spirits and their existence, this place is best suited for you. The Witch’s market, situated within the lively market of La Paz, is well known for its wide variety of fascinating ingredients. These enthralling ingredients influence the spirits believed to exist in the Aymara world. If you possess beliefs like you can bring good fortune to work with Feng-shui or burying dried fetuses near a new construction brings good luck to the business, you must visit this market. Dried Llama(South American camelid) and frog fetuses are the most significant products provided at the Witches’ market.

4. Ka Firushi Bird market in Kabul (Afghanistan)

Ka Firushi Bird Market--Procaffenation
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There is a place in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, surrounded by birds’ coo-hoo day and night. Here, people had a special kind of love for birds for ages. The bird market is the best place for these bird lovers. A person can find innumerable varieties of birds of different colors and varied sizes in this market. Some people believe this bird selling a business as their hobby also. The good part of this market is that nobody goes back from the market empty-handed. The reason for this could be anything.

5. Khan Al-Khalili Market in Cairo (Egypt)

Khan Al Kalili bazaar, Cairo.--Procaffenation
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Khan Al-Khalili, nowadays known as just ‘khan,’ is a Turkish market in Egypt. This market has become unusual for its mesmerizing beauty. It is one of the most beautiful shopping complexes around the Globe. This Khan market had once controlled the spice monopoly of Egypt. The discovery of America by Columbus also happened when the Europeans started finding new routes in search of spices. This market shelters everything from Turkish souvenirs and toy camels to precious stones. An Egypt tour would be incomplete without visiting the ‘Khan’ Market.

6. Izmailovsky Market in Moscow (Russia)

Izmailovsky Market--Procaffenation
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Izmailovsky Market is entirely devoted to Matryoshki or nested dolls. The wide variety of nesting dolls available in various sizes and styles makes this market a unique place. Lacquer boxes, linens, genuine army belts, and gas masks are some of the other products available.

7. Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo (Japan)

Tsukiji Fish Market--Procaffenation
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Can you believe that there can be a place for a fish auction? Yes, the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is an auctioning center for fish. Tsukiji Fish Market is the number one market globally for shopping for fish. This market trades for around 2,000 tonnes of marine products every day. This market has two parts. The one which is the outer market caters to the needs of the general public. The internal market becomes the house for the famous Tuna fish auction. Only 120 visitors can participate in this Tuna auction. This market also lays some standard rules that all visitors must follow for the smooth running of the business.

8. Tolkuchka Bazaar in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan)

Tolkuchka Bazaar--Procaffenation
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The Tolkuchka bazaar is a one-stop shopping destination for everything. From camels to floor carpets, one can purchase almost everything from this market. This market is famous for its wide variety of rugs. This fact makes Tolkuchka a largely visited place by people from all around the world. The wide array of colorful and chaotic arrangements of traders and buyers makes this place a favorite spot for photography.

9. Muara Kuin Floating Market in Muara Kuin (Indonesia)

Muara Kuin Floating Market--Procaffenation
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A floating Market sounds interesting but unique. Muara Kuin floating market is existent for more than 400 years. People living above water in the Banjarmasin city of Thailand run this unique trading. The people here carry their floating trading business via boats known as Jukung. People sell majorly fruits and vegetables coming from the merchant’s farms. This market still adheres to the Barter Transaction system. This barter transaction is a mode of trading where buyers buy products from sellers in place of different goods rather than money.

10. Gypsy Brides Market in Mogila (Bulgaria)

Gypsy Brides Market--Procaffenation
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Can you believe that a market exists where a boy can buy himself a bride? If you can’t, then think because Gypsy Brides market caters only to this purpose. Mogila people organize the traditional Gypsy market on an annual basis. Here, young marriageable girls/women gather, dressed in their best clothes and fineries. These girls accumulate here in the hope of finding a good-looking suitable groom match for themselves. To buy these brides, the man has to pay serious money. Located near Stara Zagora, this Gypsy market of Mogila trades these beautiful young women for several levs/euros.

11. Lomé Voodoo Market in Togo(West Africa)

Lome Voodoo Market--Procaffenation
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If you believe in Voodoo, the Lome Voodoo Market of Togo in West Africa will cater to your dark magic needs. This marketplace, located in Togo of West Africa, sells everything related to Voodoo, from elephant’s feet, the heads of leopards, the hands of Chimpanzees, and the heart of horses to any other animal part you might not imagine.

12. Wesker & Son Popup Human Meat Market in London (England)

Wesker & Son Popup human meat market--Procaffenation
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Wesker & Son Popup market group held a temporary human meat market festival. This festival was held at Smithfield Market in London as a PR event before the upcoming Resident Evil gaming installation(then). They invite people to sample and purchase these bizarre edible human body parts collections. These body parts include human limbs, hands, feet, and a human head. So, the surprising amount is that all the items on board were made from beef and pork and made to imitate human body parts.

13. Chichicastenango Market, Chichicastenango in Guatemala (Central America)

Chichicastenango Market--Procaffenation
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Chichicastenango market near Guatemala city, at the height of 1,965 meters, is certainly the most beautiful and colorful native market in North and Central America. This market is for handicraft products and operates on certain discipline patterns. Every vendor in the market has to take their traditional site, which depends upon the trade and nature of the product they are selling. The Hawkers are different in their attire, mother tongue, etc.

14. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai  (Thailand)

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar--Procaffenation
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Chiang Mai night bazaar is a shopping paradise for all the shopaholics. This market covers an area of around 1 km. The Chaing Mai looks like an ordinary street full of shops and hotels in the daytime. This street includes Starbucks and Burger King-like franchises also. However, the scenario would turn into a different zone as the sunsets. You will see the hawkers lining their metal stalls across the roads. This place has something for everyone ranging from various designer goods(real & fake) to clothing and electronic items.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and gained knowledge of the most bizarre markets around the world. Let us know in the comments below which caught your interest.

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