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Carrying a big zill for reading and writing, I am an engineering student, besides a software developer by Profession. Keened to work with huge and renowned companies, I am polishing myself with all sort of skill-set required. I narrate myself as a person who wants to do everything required to stand out from the crowd.
  • Facts

    9 Places Where Cannibalism Still Exists

    Can you wonder who the most dangerous animal in the world is? Whatever your answer is for the time being, but after reading this article, one thing is sure- your perspective is bound to change. Humans involve themselves in many practices. But they might not always be socially acceptable. The practice of Cannibalism is at the peek amongst them. So,…

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  • FactsBubble Gum Walls--Procaffenation

    Wanna see the most stickiest attractions of America, The Bubble Gum Walls?

    Bubblegums are like an all-time acquaintance of people in western countries. But the litter produced by these chewing gums is a very big problem there. Talking about the statistics of a study conducted in 2005, on an average, an American chew 160-180 pieces or about 180 gms of Bubble gums each year. It results in adding up to 250,000 tons…

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  • FactsOustanding man-made materials--Procaffenation

    5 Amazing Man-Made Materials that Will Carve the Future

    From fire to wheels in history, to everything around us in our present, basically, it won’t be wrong to say that Man is the ultimate inventor of all these things. Inventions are made every day. Some become prominent and others remain unannounced. But among all these, here is a list of some splendid man-made materials that possess the potential to carve…

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  • Health and WellnessThalaikoothal-A dreadful act of killing elderly in India--Procaffenation

    Thalaikoothal A dreadful act of killing the elderly in India

    “India is a country with varied customs, culture, and rituals. Our culture through the whole teaches us to respect and obey our elders. Serve them to make their lives easier and smoother, at our level best.” Do you really feel like India is the same as said above? If No, what could be your possible reason for support? And if…

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  • HistoryLegal in past

    10 Dangerous Things That Were Legal in the Past

    The Ancestry is always a mentor to the legacy. People learn from the past and try to incorporate those norms into their present life. But what happens when the Past itself is surrounded by the things that are cruel to humanity? Don’t you believe it? 10 Dangerous Things That Were Legal in the Past 1. Outdoor Baby Cages via…

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