• Educationimpact of the internet on memory.

    The Shocking Impact Of The Internet On Memory

    Nowadays, there is only one answer for anything, “Google.” From searching for a difficult word to searching shops near us. We all head to the first search engine that is Google. Just like a mobile phone, it has become a part of our life. In today’s world, the internet has become rather a necessity. Everything has become online, and there is…

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  • Health and Wellness

    17 Harmful Effects Of Eating Junk Food

    Junk foods can be a treat for the taste buds, but their negative effects are widely known. Their regular consumption can have negative effects on health and cause irreparable damage to the body. These foods can eventually make your brain weak and non-functioning. Eating junk food affects both physical and mental health.Any food with zero or negligible nutritional value, high…

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  • Health and WellnessFoods To Boost Your Brain And Memory

    15 Foods To Boost Your Brain And Memory

    What does the food we eat have to do with our brain? Does the type of food we eat affect our brain health and our memory power? The answers are – a whole lot, and yes. A healthy and balanced diet ensures that you get the right nutrients, and vitamins and boost and maintain your brain and memory. The food…

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  • FactsWhat Actually Happens When You Do Puzzles? (5 Outcomes)

    What Actually Happens When You Do Puzzles? (5 Outcomes)

    Most 4-year-olds at some point would have sat down with their parents during a weekend to complete the 50-piece animal jigsaw-puzzle that some cousin’s aunt’s grandmother’s daughter’s son gifted them. But, slowly most of these children outgrow puzzles unaware of the benefits of solving them. Lastly, as adults, we completely dissociate ourselves from jigsaw-puzzle challenges except for maybe sitting with…

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  • FactsGerman Apple Kuchen: A Recipe Of Delight

    German Apple Kuchen: A Recipe Of Delight

    A lot of people don’t know this, but I spent a few of my high school summers in Germany with my aunt and cousins. I was learning German at school and my aunt was married to a German man so it made sense for me to spend a few weeks with them. One of my lasting food memories from those…

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