15 Dark Secrets About Chocolate

Chocolates are a box of joy. Who doesn’t like chocolates? Everyone craves it!
The dark chocolates especially gain more attention than the wafer ones. One that is more special has more secrets than other ones.

Chocolates are like comfort food which we resort to when we are sad, happy, or whatever we feel. Chocolates have the power to automatically make us feel better and it always has a space in our stomachs no matter how full we are.

The history of chocolates is weirder than expected. The way we consume it today is entirely different from history.

15 Dark Secrets About Chocolate

1. Chocolates as a currency

When the chocolates were discovered, Aztecs and Mayas found their taste so amazing and valuable that they used them as currency. The Mayan and Aztec civilizations found chocolate to be a form of mood enhancer and an aphrodisiac, which made them believe that chocolate was the food of gods, and has magical properties that helped them improve their mood.

More so that chocolate was used as a form of currency between the Mayans and Aztecs and it is believed that a sixteenth-century Aztec ruler used to drink about three gallons of chocolate per day to improve and increase his libido.

2. The food of God

Early people considered chocolates as a divine food over the earth, and hence called it The food of God. They used them as bitter beverages.

It might be surprising to know but the chocolate drinks that were actually bitter in taste and not sweet at all, yet it was quite popular because of its properties of making the individual feel quite good and were thought to be the food of God for this very reason.

3. White chocolates are not chocolates

Chocolates have a very intense taste, while white chocolate is made of dairy products and milk. They even have less than 10% of chocolate. the cocoa beans are removed and they go through the whole process of roasting, fermenting and so on.

Until what is left of all those processes is the chocolate nib, and then cocoa butter is extracted from this chocolate nob, from which the white chocolate is made

4. Chocolates might be vegetables

Chocolates are made by roasting and cracking cocoa beans. These beans are produced in pod-like fruits over trees and a member of the Malvaceae family, hence they are almost Vegetables. This could also be one of your reasons why you classify chocolates to be healthy and involve them in your diet.

5. Cocoa secret

Total 400 cocoa beans are used to make 1 pound chocolate, for a healthy effect of chocolate one should consume 200 mg of dark chocolate every day. A little chocolate never hurt anyone and obviously when consumed in moderation, it is not only healthy for you but it will also help you mellow in after a bad and stressful day.

6. Chocolates are long-lived than us

A cocoa tree can survive for 200 years easily, however, for an efficient market produce it is effective only up to 25 years. This is well no surprise, and the fact that they will even probably live after we die is not surprising at all. So, adopt one or grow one, why don’t you?

7. Are chocolates weight bumper?

They contain healthy fats which help in the absorption of excess sugar from the blood. This helps in weight loss. It puts off the weight. But again, you will have to monitor the portions and take them in proper quantities rather than go on a binge.

8. Chocolate Shade cards

Beginning from the crispy dark chocolate to melting white chocolate, there lies a complete range of 500 flavours of it. Some contain fruits, dry fruits, nuts, lemon, or extra elements contaminated in it.

9. Not for pets

Chocolates contain an element called theobromine which is easily digestible by humans but not by pets. Hence slowly it turns toxic and is dangerous to them. So, remember, whenever you feed your pet a bit of chocolate, it is actually harmful and poisonous for their health.

10. Most expensive chocolate

Trinity truffles limited edition of Fabella Exquisite brand of ITCs luxury chocolates has recorded its name in the Guinness World Book record of being the most expensive chocolate in the world.

11. Delicate Cocoa trees

These trees are so delicate and light that every year a farmer loses 30% of cocoa just by its delicacy. This causes an inevitable loss to them every year. They are trees that are very fragile and need to be well looked after because they are very delicate trees, and rough handling will not work on them.

12. Memory booster

Chocolate improves your memory power! Surprised? So was I. It sharpens the memory by increasing blood flow to your body; especially the brain, and hence, increases memory.

13. Mood pacifier

Chocolates serve as stressbusters and relaxants by helping in the release of endorphins. These chemicals present in our body cause calmness and a state of well-being, which makes us feel happy.

14. Tooth buddy

When the mother says no to chocolates, insist she buys even more. Dark chocolates have a bitter taste and have antioxidants, this prevents tooth decay. While it does prevent tooth decay, it is also wise that you do not have too much of anything.

15. Heart-friendly

The presence of flavonoids in chocolates reduces blood pressure and increases the elasticity of vessels, thus reducing the load on the heart to pump blood. This is actually a proven fact, and it is also advised to have a bit of dark chocolate in your diet.

Although history favours its origin mainly in America, however, the largest producer of cocoa in Africa. It takes a long time to nurture these cocoa beans. The process of collection and processing is not much easy. If you find dark chocolate to be very bitter, sprinkle some sea salt over it, it will nullify its bitterness.

Chocolates should always be stored in a dry and cool place, never place them in the freezer. This will cause its entire flavour to cease.

Just let it melt, dip your finger and lick it, this is how a bar of chocolate is actually enjoyed. Unless chocolate melts completely in your mouth, you can’t enjoy its deliciousness. Chocolates are one of those things that will eternally be a portion of comfort food, or an aphrodisiac, depending upon your mood, and no matter what where it is, it will always help in improving your mood.

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