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    4 Ways to Keep Your Hands Looking Young and Beautiful

    Millions and millions of people are entering the world plastic surgery to get the desired look. This greatly helps people become more confident and build upon self-esteem. There are so many different cosmetic surgeries on the market today like the infamous Brazilian butt lifts, breast enhancements, and facelifts. The media is always ranting about big butts and boobs, but what…

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  • 40 Interesting Facts That You Should Know About Your Body

    A human body is the most magical thing on this planet. Here’s a list of some of the most fascinating facts about the human body that you’ve probably never even heard of. 40 Interesting Facts That You Should Know About Your Body Fact 1 There is a single part of our human body that doesn’t have any blood supply. This…

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    Did You Know That Eating With Hands Can Make You Slimmer?

    Eating food with hands is considered holy in India as well as in Islam. This act involves a sort of ritual, where people prefer sitting cross-legged on the floor instead of on chairs and tables. Washing hands before eating is a must. People say a small prayer of gratitude before eating. In India and also the Middle East, people eat…

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