How To Make Sure That You Are Wearing The Right Size Bra?

Every girl wants to find the perfect size bra. In real life, it is harder to find the right size than the right man. Bra shopping sounds fun but turns into an irritating affair that ends up with buying the almost right size. An ill-fitted bra causes a lot of misery. Women face awkward side spillage, digging straps, and discomfort. The joy of getting them off after work is priceless.

An awful lot of us don’t even know how to find one. It is time we put those bra ghosts in the attic. With bra size calculator India, get ready to find the correct size. Do this from the comfort of your home, sitting in comfy pajamas with no worries. Use the technology for the right thing, and you’ll see the difference.

To get the most out of Bra Size Calculator India and have an enjoyable time. You need to be aware of a few details about your intimate things.

1. All About That Band

All About That Band

You may think that your straps provide the needed support, but the real hero is the band. 90% of actual support comes from it. Otherwise, what is the point of having strapless bras? Straps help in shaping your breasts and adjust the cup with your figure. Bra size calculator India guides about the right band size.

2. The Sister Size Saga

The Sister Size Saga
Source: FirstCry Parenting

Brands seem to have their own mind at work when it comes to sizes. Be it your jeans or bra, different brands fit in different sizes. The math doesn’t add up to a single size for all your bra needs. That’s where sister size comes into the picture. To know it, you go up in the cup and down in the band or vice versa. It works if your actual size is not available.

3. The Bra Equation

The Bra Equation
Source: Runner’s World

A little equation combining your cup and band size will give you the bra size. It is advisable to get yourself fitted from a boutique. The easiest way to do it is a bra size calculator in India. Just get some tape and start. This is a blessing in disguise for the introverts among us. To do it correctly, measure over and under your bust for band and cup size, respectively. Then subtract and voila! There’s your size.

4. Bra Styles

Bra Styles
Source: Healthline

There are multiple kinds of bra available with different materials and practical purposes. Ideally, your bra should go with the kind of dress you are wearing. For example, a sports bra is a necessity to minimize the bounce during a workout without discomfort. Similarly, a t-shirt complements 80% of our wardrobe, so you always need a t-shirt bra. Convertible bras with different necklines are well suited for formal settings. So ask yourself what you need from a bra, and that will tell you about the type to go for. 

In conclusion, it is easier said than done. But with bra size calculator India, you are bound to find your perfect fit. Say goodbye to uneasy days at work by keeping these useful tips in mind. Hope this makes your next bra shopping spree a wonderful one.

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