Holi Festival – The Carnival Of Colors And Here’s How It Can Be Enjoyed

Holi is a Festival of colors filled with vibrancy and enthusiasm. Water filled buckets, spray gun full of colorful water, and balloons are thrown on Holi. These are few moments which are pretty usual for those who have witnessed the enormous three-day event.

However, this festival is highly anticipated and usually impact with adverse wastage of water and usage of artificial colors, which are extracted from chemicals like Lead Oxide, Copper Sulphate and what not.

Many of our friends on this day plan not to indulge in the physical entice of Holi, but they do have other effective ways to celebrate this auspicious Fest with bliss and safety.

Here’s how you can make this event eclectic yet healthy indelible saga.


You can try your hand this time in making your colors which are not even unique but will definitely give a different memoir for this event which is safe yet conventional.

Mixing turmeric with Chana powder or marigold mixed with boiled Tesu flowers will give you yellow, although try soaking pomegranate peels overnight for liquid yellow or maybe slicing a beetroot for countless hours might provide you beautiful pink, similarly, henna can be dried to make orange.

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Every Holi will definitely feel incomplete without a grooving on the desi Nagada, and dhol beats or dance at a high pitched Dj.

These are the kind of elements which let you feel cherished and might take you on the long jamming session, and you might end up grooving for endless hours because who knows the effect of bhang pakora is when going to break the beats down.

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Holi gives us a chance to savor various delicacies like Dahi Vada, Rava, and Mawa ensemble to make Gujiyas, Pooran Polis, Gulab Jamun and the Bhang Pakoras.

Bhang and its inclusion in every dish is what makes it the special ingredient for the day. You can try your hand at making Gujiyas if you’re an embroil chef of your daily life.

One should at least try his/her hand at making bhang pakora but only if you have enough spirit to trip till the last drop. You may drink Bhang Thandai or make a special dinner for your loved one.

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If you seriously want to awaken the wandering spirit of your soul, then you should definitely try your hand in Rangoli Making or Mandana (regional name for designs and rangolis)

It will not only release your trapped emotions but will also give you a chance to understand the depth of the designs aligned for a purpose. Another way is trying your hand at Cardmaking and sending it to your closed ones.


If you don’t want to miss a chance to play Holi.

Here is another way of enjoying the extravaganza by using flowers instead of colors.  It’s an old tradition to play with flowers from Vrindavan, Mathura, Barsana to Bikaner and Pushkar people still prefer playing Holi with flowers.


If you are really planning to explore the various traditions of celebrating Holi in India, then you should definitely visit Mathura, Bikaner or Vrindavan.

In few places, people play Holi when men get beaten by women in Vrindavan and other areas of northern India. It’s a picturesque moment to capture.

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