Top Tips To Use A Hairdryer Without Damaging Hair

The very first hairdryer was invented in 1890 by the French stylish Alexander Godefroy It was not portable. In fact, it simply took the heat from a standard strove and passed it into the helmet over your head. It was not easy to control the heat build-up.

The first portable hairdryer arrived in 1911 and it has become a popular and essential styling tool for millions of people across the globe.

So Here Are Some Top Tips To Use A Hairdryer Without Damaging Hair:

1. Choosing The Right Product

Of course, as with any product, the popularity and practicality of the device has led to a variety of hairdryers being available on the market.  

The trick to using a hairdryer without damaging your hair is to choose one that has adjustable heat control and maintains a steady airflow. In short, you need to invest in a high-quality hairdryer to ensure you get the best possible results. 

It’s worth paying a little extra for the best products on the market.

2. Towel First

A hairdryer is a perfect way to style your hair, helping to ensure the style holds throughout the day. The right amount of heat can tame even the wildest hair. However, as heat can damage your hair, you don’t want to put too much heat on it. 

That means you need to start by towel drying your hair. You can wrap your hair in a towel and allow it to absorb the excess moisture while you start getting yourself ready. Or, you can dab your hair. It’s best to avoid pulling it as this is likely to damage your hair. 

3. Heat Protection

Once you’re ready to start heat styling it’s important to use a heat protection spray first. This helps to prevent damage. All you have to do is spray it onto your hair before using the hairdryer. There are plenty of products on the market, choose a natural one that you like.

4. Using The Hairdryer

A hairdryer should never be too close to your hair. This will cause your hair to dry out too fast. If you remove too much moisture from your hair it will become brittle and break easily.

Keep the hairdryer several inches from your hair and turn the heat down. The lower the heat level the less likely it is you’ll do damage. It may take a little longer to dry and style but it’s worth it.

When hair drying use smooth motions to pass the hairdryer over your hair slowly and evenly. 

It can help to tip your head upside down. The heat will then be directed to the tips of your hair and rise through it. This reduces the likelihood of drying out your scalp and speeds up drying time. Of course, to do the finishing touches to your style you’ll need to have your head the right way up again.

5. Adding Products

When adding products to assist with styling make sure you verify they are okay to use with a hairdryer.

But, perhaps the most important tip of all is to avoid hair drying every day if possible. Giving your hair a couple of days off a week will really help it to look and feel great. 

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