History Of The Holy Grail: The Controversial Cup

For those who are unfamiliar with the word “HOLY GRAIL”, well for most of the demonstrations it is traditionally known to be a cup that was used in The Last Supper by Jesus Christ himself and that Joseph of Arimathea used it to collect Jesus’s blood at his crucifixion.

For centuries now, the Grail is known to be an object of mystery and fascination that no one is sure about. There is no evident consent about what the Grail is and what does it really represent. A cup, a stone, or the bloodline of Jesus Christ! Interesting right?

Origin and Quest of The Holy Grail

The word ‘Grail’ comes from the Latin word “Gradale”, meaning a platter which was used to serve food in the medieval era.

In various literary works, the Grail has been portrayed to possess miraculous powers providing happiness, nourishment in total abundance, eternal youth along with healing powers.

Th first known mention of the Grail was in a written text, “Conte del Graal” by a French romance writer of 12th century, Chrétien de Troyes, who might be referred to like Dan Brown of his times. His grail was mystical, specifying it to be a big dish full enough to take a salmon.

Within 20 years of Chrétien, a poet writer, Robert de Boron associated the Grail’s origin as the cup in the Last Supper. In his prehistory, he told that Joseph of Arimathea used the Grail to collect drops of Jesus’s blood at the crucifixion and then brought the cup to England where it got lost. This is where the Grail became a matter of quest and got intertwined with King Arthur and his knights.
Since the grail was thought to be the source of powers and good things, he entitled to use it for good. But in contrast, they imagined the Grail to be “Lapsit exiles”, commonly referred to as “Philosopher’s Stone” today.

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The Grail or a mysterious Bloodline

The Grail is commonly associated with the cup from the Last Supper. Dan Brown, a novelist, has an entirely different perception regarding the Grail mystery. He, in his famous novel “The Da Vinci Code” described the Grail as the womb of Mary Magdalene. Who was an alleged partner of Christ and gave birth to Jesus’s child which was the start of the bloodline of Christ.

The proof comes in with the Last Supper itself which is thought to be the origin of the Grail as the cup. Now, this is where it gets interesting! If we see the Last Supper, there’s no evidence of a container being used.

In this picture, as said Jesus Christ is not using any cup that can be associated with the Holy Grail. On the other hand, the image itself is evidence proving Dan’s theory.  As the person sitting to the right of Jesus is no man but Mary Magdalene herself.

Even though we might never know whether the Holy grail was an actual object or just a mythical fantasy. The mysterious relic of the Grail being depicted as the chalice of the Last Supper, a precious stone encompassing elixir of eternal life or even as the bloodline of Christ, continues to mesmerize millions even today.

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