Did You Know About The Perfume City Of India ?

Perfume City Of India

What if I tell you that you get a bottle of perfume almost at a price of a luxury car?

Yup, there is a perfume out there named as ‘An Oud‘ (Agarwood) perfume.

This perfume will cost you around 28 lakhs per liter. Meanwhile, it is exclusively available in the perfume city of India- Kannauj!

perfume city of india
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Some Unknown Facts About Kannauj- Perfume City Of India: –

  • Kannauj is a place in Uttar Pradesh which produces organic perfumes in a larger quantity.
  • Kannauj is a city which is situated nearly 125 km from Lucknow. However, in Lucknow, attar is an integral part of people’s lives.
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  • Attar is specifically derived from the Persian word “atr” which means fragrance.
  • This perfume city was once the capital of King Harshavardhana.
  • “We can extract fragrance from the soil,” This statement was said by Asim Afaq, the perfume trader. Like Asim, many other similar traders from Kannauji, claim to provide best.
  • It is exactly this talent that UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav is banking on. He spearheads initiatives to establish Kannauj attar as an international brand.

The Unique Smell

  • However, Attars are basically meant to be applied directly to the body whose effect lasts much longer. It claims to be better than the other synthetic perfumes. Kannauj residents believe that the fragrance of their attar lingers in a gathering even if there’s only one guest wearing it. This is a very strong belief which might be true. Also, that’s the reason Kannauj is called as the perfume city of India.
  • However,  the origin of perfume in Kannauj in not mentioned anywhere. But, some people believe that it came to India at the time of the Mughals. While there are many others, who say that it came from the practice of the ascetics. These ascetics use to burn certain roots and plants during bonfires.
  • The pleasant smell lingered long after the fire had died down. Afterward, enthusiastic residents experimented with plants till they could replicate the right notes. Isn’t it too good?
  • People export their perfumes to more than 50 countries around the world.

If you have a blocked nose when you go here, you are unlucky!

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