What Is So Spooky About The 3 AM Devil Hour? The Answer Lies Here!

Ever wondered why you wake up with jitters in the middle of the night? Felt as if you were being looked upon by someone as you slept? Also, while undergoing such horrifying and spooky experiences you might have checked the time, wasn’t it the common time slot? Indeed, it was! Yes, 3 Am is the hour when you wake up, all drenched in sweat, wrapped around by the fearful thoughts.But what’s the reason behind the 3 AM Devil Hour?

Let’s Find the reason for why 3 AM Devil Hour is called the “DEAD TIME.”

1. Negativity are at their highest point

All negative energies comprising of witches, gremlins, ghosts, spirits and devils are in their most powerful form during this hour. The devilish wand of Black Magic twirls the fastest when the clock strikes 3 in the midnight which makes it The Witching Hour. According to Paranormal experts, the Devils are on the verge of fueling their power during the evil hour.

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2. Crucifixion of Jesus

According to the legends, the crucifixion of Jesus had taken place at 3 p.m. Exactly after the 12 hours of this unfortunate happening; the demonic activities took over the world at 3 am. This is the reason why it is believed that negative spirits are the weakest during 3 in the noon and most potent when the hands of clock form 3 in the midnight.

3. Mocking the Holy Trinity

Mocking the Holy Trinity
Via- Uncyclomedia

The Divine Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is synonymous with number 3. Therefore, it is believed that the devils, witches and negative spirits get together at this hour to plot a scenario of mockery against the holy trinity. This forms another reason for calling 3 AM “The Devil Hour”.

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All sacrificial rituals are said to be performed during this hour. Hence, next time you wake up and find its 3 AM, leaving no room for second thoughts, rush back to the bed. You never know what might happen within the blink of an eye!

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