Here’s how to Detoxify your Home like a Pro!

We all understand the consequences associated with living in a completely polluted environment. We need to detoxify ourselves from all such pollutants.

There’s a lack of fresh air in our surroundings, especially in our homes. So, make a little effort and grow some plants to bring good health and happiness all around. These air-purifying plants are also used in many places like offices, healthcare institutions (senior care Brooklyn), etc.

Plants not only help to purify the atmosphere but also helps you to-

  • Remain healthy
  • Suffer less from headaches and coughs and feel more refreshed
  • Suffer less from allergy problems
  • Recovery becomes faster
  • Remain stress-free
  • Feel happy and fresh
  • It helps to feel people more active and more productive

Here are some of the plants which you can opt for according to your requirements–

1- Bamboo palm

Source: Crocus

Apart from its fascinating looks, it is very well known for removing chemical vapours and for creating humidity in the specified area. It is highly resistant to insect infestation.

2- Boston Fern


This Scrubber Plant because of its mass of lush foliage helps to scrub the air of toxins in a room and improve humidity. With a small amount of regular watering, it should thrive.

3-Kimberley Queen Fern

Source: Miami Tropical Plants

Another fern which is very rich in foliage, this plant has proven to be the best at removing pollutants from the air and creating a humidified atmosphere.

Like the Boston Fern, it needs regular watering.

4-Areca Palm

A plant which offers everything: it releases lots of moisture into the air, removes toxins in an effective manner, is easy to take care of and resists insect infestations as well.

Its delicate fronds look too pretty if kept in a living room.

5-Gerbera Daisy


This plant has an amazing quality of removing toxins that are present in the air. It purifies the air and provides oxygen for better living as per the NASA tests.

This gerbera plant gives rise to the most beautiful and beautiful flowers of orange, yellow, red and many more colours.

Autumn is the right time to bring this plant to your homes because it provides you with winter colour and an antidote to spending more quality time at home.

6-Florist’s Mum


The flowers of this plant can make your home a pleasant place to live in, because of their bright colours and fragrance. And apart from its beauty, it has the ability to purify the air which is like an added benefit to bring this plant home.

7-Peace Lily

Source: Home Depot

It’s a beautiful plant which has deep dark green leaves and tall elegant white flowers. It’s the symbol of peace. Again it possesses all the qualities of removing toxins from the air and keeping the house humidifier. And moreover, it’s very easy to handle.

8-Dwarf Date Palm

Source: Pinterest

It is considered to be the best ever plant for removing toxins, it creates a refreshing ambience because of its strong main trunk and long fronds which grow to about 3 feet.

9-Rubber Plant

Source: Leon and George

You can choose this plant if there’s a lack of natural light at your place. It has great large leaves which look good at almost all the places.

It is especially good at removing formaldehyde, one of the most common toxins present in indoor air.

10-English Ivy

Source: House Plant Shop

A great air scrubber and humidifier, and don’t worry you can easily take care of this plant.

It seems beautiful in hanging baskets especially in your home gardens.

So if you believe in making your home a place full of positivity, joy and happiness, so first put some efforts to keep it pollutants free. Hence pick a plant today and bring it to your place!

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