Hero Of Nathula – A Dead Soldier, Baba Harbhajan Singh Still On Duty

Believe it or not, a dead soldier Harbhajan Singh is still on duty!! A military mythology of Baba Harbhajan Singh (30 Aug 1946 – 4 Oct 1968) who is also known as Hero of Nathula, was Indian Sepoy who died in Nathula of Sikkim. After his death, soldiers built a memorial in his honor which later turned into a shrine and gave him a status of the saint (Baba) and starts worshiping him, because they believe that Baba Harbhajan Singh is still there with them and his paranormal existence protects them.

Story of Dead Soldier – Baba Harbhajan Singh

He was died at the age of 22 as a victim of battle at Nathula, a mountain pass between Tibet and Sikkim, took between Indian army and soldiers of Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) during the Sino-Indian war. His remains were found buried beneath the glaciers after the three days of searching operation. Many people say that he led the search operation of his own dead body. Later his body was cemented with full military honor. He was also awarded Mahavir Chakra bravery medal and martyrdom on Republic day of 1969.

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Many soldiers have reported the presence of Baba Harbhajan Singh, and they believe that the spirit warns them three days before the attacks. Soldiers say that if they ever sleep on duty they feel a slap on their face which is normal to them and they believe that Saint Baba do this to protect the Indo-china borders.

Eternal Hero of Nathula

Every year on 11th September the empty birth of train is booked, which is not possible, but it is especially done for Baba. The blank birth of train is reserved for the entire journey to his paternal village Kuka. Baba’s personal belongings are sent to his village in Kapurthala district of Punjab. A sum of money contributed by all soldiers is also sent every year to his mother there.

Many people think it as a superstition, but on the other side military and army, people believe that his presence gives them strength and courage to fight.

Really …Patriotism never dies!!

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