Natural Remedies To Get Thicker Eyebrows Faster

There is a saying that perfectly shaped eyebrows highlight one’s face and personality.

Since the last few years, thick and bushy brows have become a trend. Eyebrows are the main attraction on the face. These thicker brows add a good touch to your face. Thick eyebrows go well with any makeup.

But not all people have this thick and busy shaped eyebrow; they depend on a saloon or makeup products to get that look.

However, there is no magic spell that can make your eyebrows grow bushy and thick overnight, but you can still always go for some remedies that will not burn a hole through your pocket.

1. Castor oil


Castor oil is one of the old and the most effective remedies for getting thicker eyebrows. This oil is highly enriched with proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. These nutrients help in nourishing your hair follicles. You should apply this oil to your eyebrow roots once daily. This promotes the growth of eyebrow hair and also ensures that each hair strand is thick and strong.

Massage a few drops of castor oil on your eyebrows with your fingertips. Keep this for 15- 30 minutes and then wipe it off with a makeup remover and make sure to wash your face with warm water.

2. Coconut oil


Coconut oil is a known moisturizer, as well as a conditioner. It is also a great ingredient for improving blood circulation. Coconut has a lot of proteins and fatty acids present in it. These proteins are also found in hair that protects and from breaking. Coconut also acts as an antimicrobial agent because of the lauric acid present in it. This also helps in preventing infection of hair follicles. Like vitamin E and iron present in coconut oil, the various proteins and nutrients help promote healthy and thick eyebrows.

There is no harm in using this coconut oil every day to get noticeable results. You have to dip a cotton swab and tap it on your eyebrow with a light hand. Leave it overnight and then rinse it with warm water the next morning.

3. Olive Oil


Olive oil is highly enriched with vitamins A and E that helps in hair growth. Nourishment to each hair strand is provided by vitamin E, while vitamin A stimulates sebum production. Sebum is known as our body’s natural oil which helps with hair growth. This process has to take place at least once a day to see noticeable results. You have to take a drop of oil on your fingertip and firmly massage it over on your eyebrows. Let it absorb for around a couple of hours, and then wash it off.

4. Onion Juice


Nutrients like sulfur, selenium, minerals, B vitamins, and C vitamins present in onion juice are beneficial for hair growth. They can give you faster and denser growth of eyebrow hair. The production of collagen tissues required for proper eyebrow growth is aided by sulfur. Apart from the growth, it also strengthens the hair follicles.

We all know that onion has a pungent smell, so it is best to add lemon juice to remove all traces of smell. To see better results, you must apply onion juice to your eyebrows every alternate day. To do so, first, chop the onion, blend it, and make a paste. Now strain it to get the juice. Using cotton balls, apply the juice to your eyebrows. Leave it there for an hour. At last, wipe it off with a cotton ball soaked in diluted lemon juice.

5. Petroleum Jelly


Petroleum jelly helps in conditioning and retaining moisture in your brows. The compound present in petroleum jelly helps to prevent moisture from escaping. Therefore, this keeps the skin moisturized helps your brows to grow out longer and fuller.

Apply petroleum jelly on the eyebrows and leave it overnight. Try not to apply too much. Then wash it off with normal water the next day. You have to repeat this every night until you obtain noticeable results.

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