Things that must be known before using a 200cc motorbike

Motor sport with an engine above 200 cc does have many differences compared to automatic motorbikes or the types of ducks that are very familiar today.

If you want to take a class in driving, you must pay attention to several aspects when riding a motorcycle with a larger capacity so that it is not dangerous for yourself or others.

This is something that must be known before driving a motorcycle with a capacity of 200 cc.

1. Be alert with big power

Most importantly, you must be more careful when turning the gas cartridge, especially if it’s your first time using a motorcycle with an engine above 200cc.

Like a 250-cc sport motorbike, its power can be 2.5 times greater than a 150-cc sport motorbike.

From the test on the dyno engine, the 150-cc sport motorbike has around 14 hp, while the 250-cc sport can penetrate more than 30 hp.

So, you have to get used to the gas casing more.

2. Find out the braking force

Finding out the braking force is very important when using a motorbike that has more power than a motorbike that has been used before.

Try the brakes when the speed is not too high to find out the response the brakes give when used.

By trying to brake early, you can find out the right braking point when the motorbike is used on the road.

How to recognize braking is very important to avoid accidents on the road.

3. Be aware of the weight of the motor

With a larger capacity and dimensions, motorcycles with engines above 200 cc also have a heavier weight.

Heavier weight will affect handling and the agility of the motor when used.

Also be careful when stopping, make sure your feet can perfectly tread on the ground or asphalt to support the weight of the motorbike.

Many bikers also fall when they stop because they can’t support the heavy weight of the motorbike.

4. Find out the features of the motor

Motor sport with an engine above 200 cc is usually equipped with a variety of advanced features that must be known.

Examples of features such as slippery clutch which make the engine brake effect somewhat reduced.

It will be awkward to use it for those who are not used to it because the motor seems to keep going after lowering the gear even though the clutch has been released.

Also try other features such as riding mode so you can get closer to the motorbike.

5. Be careful when turning back

Many novice bikers fall when making a U-turn using a motor sport above 200 cc.

In addition to the heavier weight, the small distance between the handlebars also makes it difficult to turn around.

So, make sure the rewind area is wide to make it easier for those of you who want to turn back.

Also avoid bending the handlebars all the way while opening the gas because it will lose balance.


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