Cryonics Frozen Preservation Of Humans To Cheat Death

When a person dies, the cadaver can either be cremated or buried. But did you know there is another option? CRYONICS. Service involves two simple procedures: Freezing the body and Waiting for a miracle to happen.

Seems like a fabricated or fictitious process, no? Well, science accepts it. Read the following to untwine yourself out of this intricate piece of information.

Cryonics is a practice involving freezing dead people in liquid nitrogen. Additionally, it provides a hope of future reanimation, resuscitation, and restoration. Or simply, revival. Firstly, cryonicists inject the body with plenty of anti-clotting drugs, such as Heparin. Next, they protect the tissues from forming ice crystals using cryoprotectant. This process is known as Vitrification. Lastly, they put the body into a bath of liquid nitrogen at the temperature of -196 degree Celsius.

cryonics frozen preservation process
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The purpose of freezing is simply to stop the chemistry occurring inside the dead body. The intention is to allow the future science and technology to recover and repair the frozen tissues. Furthermore, it also aims to reconstruct the person or at least the mind.


Even with no credible evidence, cryonicists believe that it is a sensible idea. The practice has no stable structure as yet. At best, it is believed to be conjecture, and at worst, it has been claimed as a quackery and pseudoscience.

Currently, we have no idea how the process of revival will be done. But cryonicists firmly believe that the world will progress into such a direction, advancing to a point where all the departed information will be extracted, and the mind will be secured.


If you decide to get yourself undergo cryonic suspension, you need to follow these steps:

  • Join a cryonics facility and become its member.
  • Once doctors declare you “legally dead”, the facility generates an emergency response.
  • Team stabilises your body and replaces water with cryoprotectant.
  • After placing the body in ice, the cryonicists transfer it to a large metal tank full of liquid nitrogen at -196 degree Celsius.
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The whole procedure costs up to $150,000 and hence is not very practical.


  • Pigs taken down to 10°C can revive.
  • Beetle larvae can vitrify in nature.
  • Frogs, as well as insects, freeze and revive quite effectively.
  • Moreover, a bacterium was revived after 120,000 years in an ice sheet.
  • Nematode worms survive freezing in liquid nitrogen. They continue to parasite trees after successful revival.
  • Scientists have had frozen and re-transplanted rabbit brain successfully.
cryonics freezing of non humans
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