20 Indian Wedding Outfits For Girls

Despite the fact that many people wear casual clothing, there are some trends to remember. Indian ladies desire to embrace and experiment as much as they can with the newest wedding dress selections and trends.

Given India’s booming wedding industry, people are getting married faster and faster. It might be intimidating to research the newest fashion trends for Indian wedding gowns if you’ve already chosen that This is the year you want to be married.

Every wedding celebration requires a brand-new wedding gown. For instance, a bride may put on a gorgeous gown or a long dress on the day of the engagement. She wore a lehenga on both her wedding day and her bachelorette party. Girls’ wedding dress is more subdued for a Roka function than it is for other wedding celebrations. The cocktail wedding dresses worn by the girls are shiny. On the day of the celebration, the bride’s wedding dress might be anything that will make her the center of attention, such as a pleated dress, a flowing form dress, or a glittering wedding gown.

20 Indian Wedding Outfits For Girls

1. Ivory Princess Lehenga

You want your wedding to be spoken about in your social circle, therefore you’re looking for gorgeous engagement dresses. Take inspiration from this lovely ivory dress by Ejaaz Couture with its exquisite pink flamingo embroidery for your engagement ceremony.

2. Anarkali Silhouette Lehenga

Some designers have created lehengas with asymmetrical hemlines, tea-lengths, and translucent coverings to offer a contemporary touch. Despite the bridesmaids’ appeal for these stylish, distinctive appearances, the brides are still opting for the traditional Anarkali silhouette for their lehenga skirts.

The lehengas for the upcoming wedding season will follow the same fashion. When paired with a lehenga, the Anarkali can look better with a cancan or umbrella cut, but the overall attitude will remain the same.

3. Printed Lehengas

The majority of brides chose comfort above style when choosing between the two. This season’s lehenga designs reflect these trends. The objective is to relax rather than be upset, no matter what strategy you take—comfort silhouettes, vivid fabrics, or pursuing the traditional path.

Because of this, printed lehengas are currently gaining popularity of their own. The vast assortment has something for any event theme. Given their elegance and beauty, printed lehengas are impossible to misunderstand.

4. Technicolor Lehengas

Technicolor evokes a particular sense of nostalgia. It is not only close to our hearts but also lovely when worn as a bridal lehenga. The designer, who started this trend, uses this pattern in his work. We’re confident that in 2022, brides will still like these glistening technicolor creations.

5. Pre-Draped Sarees

When you can wear a saree that has already been draped, why take the trouble to do so? They seem elegant and glamorous. Similarly to skirt sets, pre-draped sarees can also be bought in sets that comprise both the saree and the blouse. 

6. Cape-Style Dupattas

The cape-style dupatta is the most current draping trend to sweep the city. A dupatta, in addition to the traditional lehengas and anarkalis, can totally alter the look of the outfit. This changes the way it is draped and also gives it a more beautiful look. With draperies like a cloak, you may leave your dupatta problems behind you while still looking chic in your clothing.

7. Indo-western Dresses

“Indo-western” clothing combines elements of both Indian and Western fashion. Furthermore, this Indo-Western outfit may be played with in a zillion different ways. You need to know how to dress it. Check out this mix-and-match outfit recommendation for ladies to wear to weddings and celebrations.

8. Sassy Saree

An Indian woman’s elegance is unquestionably enhanced by saris. We have worn sarees to weddings, celebrations, and a variety of other special events over the years. However, every year new saree styles are developed by the designers. There are several chics, sassy saree styles you may wear to a wedding or other function even this year. 

9. Dazzle up With Chicken Kari

Her heavily adorned outfit, which combined traditional and modern styles, became the talk of the town. It demonstrated the enormous fashion potential of the most unappreciated Chikan work and elevated it to a whole new level of prominence. The costume was the pinnacle of Chikan’s talent, whether it was a genius concept or a work of art.

10. Embroidery Work Lehenga

The attractiveness of garments has always been enhanced by embroidery. Every bride wants to wear a dress that is majestic, exquisite, and lovely as she makes her way down the aisle. Every bride in India wears an embroidered lehenga, which is the most common style. Contrarily, brides who like a more understated, minimalist design should choose monochromatic thread work.

11. Floral Lehenga

Most women choose this when it comes to selecting fashionable and cozy attire, particularly for their pre-wedding events. These lehengas are more laid back, but that does not mean they lack style. Above all else, flowery lehengas attract the eye for their eccentric hues and eye-catching designs. We anticipate that in 2022, more brides will choose flowery, eco-friendly lehengas for pre-wedding events.

12. Contemporary Kanjeevaram Saree

We are immediately brought back to the temple town of Kanchipuram, where the renowned Kanjeevaram silk sarees originated when an Indian silk saree is mentioned. Power loom sarees are lightweight and simple to maintain, in contrast to the traditional Kanchipuram sarees, which are fairly heavy and intricately constructed. Here, a contemporary-styled navy blue and gold Kanjeevaram silk saree may be observed.

13.  Banarasi Silk Saree

From the holy city of Varanasi, Banarasi sarees are famed for their opulent and elaborate patterns. Traditional Banarasi sarees are both costly and rather heavy. Here is an example of a composition created with the millennial generation in mind. It has a modern color scheme of gray and pink that enhances the lovely dusky skin tone of Indian ladies.

14. Chanderi Silk Saree

Featherlite Chanderi sarees are a good option if hefty silk sarees aren’t your style. These curtains not only add unrivaled splendor but also long-lasting comfort. For both formal and casual occasions, there is a handloom saree in rust orange and off-white. For a dressier appearance, pair it with a sparkly blouse.

15. Sequin Chiffon Saree

The most romantic drapes are provided by chiffon sarees because of their delicate and lightweight. One such gorgeous chiffon saree has a body with a green ombre color. The glam factor is increased by the blingy gold sequins. You even get a glossy beige blouse with it, which is exactly what you need to steal the show at a party.

16. Checkered Silk Saree

Dressing up with a vintage silk saree is essential, whether you’re going to a wedding or a traditional event. The sarees take you to a bygone age with their temple-inspired themes, which include peacocks, checks, elephants, and more. These sarees’ substantial golden Zari border and elaborately woven palla are another distinctive aspect.

17. Chikankari Work Kurta

The distinctive handicraft of Lucknow is chikankari work. It may be identified by the fine threadwork on the cotton or chiffon fabric. Here we have a stunning chikankari-embellished blue and beige kurta. Take note of the delicate workmanship on the yoke, hemline, and collar. This outfit goes well with whatever neutral-colored bottom clothing you choose.

18. Embroidered Lehenga

Indian wedding attire is highly lavish and made to last a lifetime! This flared maroon lehenga is an example of a garment that may transform any woman into a queen on the happiest day of her life. Mirrors, beads, and dazzling stones are used to decorate the flowery embroidered skirt. One of the greatest Indian costumes ever had a scalloped dupatta and a velvet blouse.

19. Lancha

Lehenga choli also comes in the form of lancha. The skirts and choli style are what distinguishes them. The choli often extends past the waist in the lancha outfit and covers the lehenga’s waist. Lancha is a more conservative outfit since it covers the waist. Lanchas were traditionally worn by Mughal royalty, and now they play a significant role in bridal fashion, wedding attire, and festive attire.

20. Dhoti Kurta

The traditional male attire on the Indian subcontinent is the dhoti. It consists of a rectangle of cotton or muslin cloth that is wrapped around the waist and partially covers the legs. It must be wrapped around the legs and waist, then often tied at the front. An item of clothing that was formerly worn only by Indian males has now undergone a modern makeover and become a very popular choice for women’s clothing.

Many Indian men love to wear dhotis as daywear or at night. They have progressed from draperies to stitched styles that are easier to wear. Dhotis continue to appear on runways, which has helped them establish themselves as a significant part of Indian women’s clothing in recent years.


Most luxury stores, especially Central Cottage Industries Emporium on Janpath, carry Indian traditional textiles. This multi-level store is a great place to get Indian handicrafts, including fabrics, paintings, ceramics, and woodcarvings in addition to bamboo goods. A variety of high-quality silk, cotton, and traditionally colored textiles are also available at this mall.

Indian weddings last for a whole week, and the bride’s attire must be spectacular. The clothing for the Mehendi and sangeet must adhere to the theme, but the reception day gives you the freedom to try out new looks. There are many different costume options that you may experiment with to surprise the guests at your wedding reception, from embroidered lehengas to designer sarees.

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