5 Amazing Life-Saving Fashion Hacks

Whenever we come across a fashion problem, it totally ruins our mood and we have to change the plan altogether. These clothing problems are a part of our day to day life and it comes in handy to have some fashion hacks up our sleeve. Whether it’s an annoying pantyhose run or pretty shoes that do not fit your feet, we have got it all covered with these 5 lifesaving fashion hacks.

5 Amazing Life-Saving Fashion Hacks

1. Wrinkle Free Clothes

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It happens a lot of times that wrinkles and creases persist in the clothes even after ironing them. The best way to avoid those creases is to wait for the clothing item to cool down after ironing it. Once it cools down, the evenness will set in and then you can wear it. This will keep you wrinkle free all day long.

2. Cleaning Cloth Shoes

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It gets really hard to clean cloth shoes, the problem with washing them is that there is a risk of the shoes getting destroyed. But don’t worry, there is still a hack to clean your dirty shoes without ruining them. Just make a mixture of baking soda and detergent. Apply it to the dirty areas and scrub using a toothbrush.

3. Preventing a Pantyhose Run from Spreading

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Unfortunately, there is no way to repair a hole or run in a seamless way. But you can still make sure that the hole or run does not get any bigger by using some hairspray on both ends of the run. If you don’t have hairspray, you can use clear nail polish on both ends.

4. Fitting Tight Shoes Perfectly

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We all have that one pair of shoes that are extremely beautiful but too tight to fit our feet. Lucky for us, there are two known hacks to help us out. Number one, wear thick socks with the shoes and blow dry the tight areas. Number two, half-fill two sandwich bags with water and keep them in the shoes. Put the shoes in a freezer and let the water freeze. After freezing, water takes up more space and hence it will loosen the shoes.

5. Keeping the Troublesome Zipper Up

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It gets very annoying when the jeans’ zipper won’t stay put at its place. That might happen when the jeans become too tight. The best solution to this problem is using a keychain ring. Slide it onto the loop of the zipper and then hook it around the button before buttoning the jeans. This will ensure that the ring stays concealed behind the denim and your zipper problem is solved.

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