This Person Is Credited For Inventing Mumbai’s Famous Vada Pav

Vada Pav is one of the famous snacks in India, especially in Mumbai.

If you are a Mumbaikar, you already know the importance of Vada Pav in your life. Mumbai’s morning starts with a Vada Pav and a cup of tea. From rich to poor, from locals to visitors, everyone is a fan of Vada Pav. It is one of the most popular street food of Mumbai which now has made its place in the whole world. It’s Mumbai’s respective burger. Vada Pav makes a perfect snack to munch on any time of the day be it breakfast, brunch, or evening snack.

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And if you too are a big fan of this treat, then you must thank Ashok Vaidya who started this Vada Pav revolution. Now his younger son Narendra is continuing his father’s legacy.

In an interview of Narendra with DNA, he said: “My father set up shop with his father in the 1960s when the Shiv Sena made its presence felt in Mumbai. My father started selling poha and Vadas outside Dadar station, while the neighbouring stall sold omelette pav. One day, my father decided to put the vada between the pav and add some garlic chutney for flavour. The combination was a hit, and the vada pav was born. Incidentally, all this happened before he was married.”

vada pav story

Siddharth Aalambayan which traced his legacy also created a short documentary called Vada Pav Inc, and the movie was selected for the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival.

The director Siddharth said that the motive behind making the movie was that everyone enjoys this snack, no one really knows what gave Ashok Vaidya the idea to put a vada between two pieces of bread.

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