Yashaswini P

Yashaswini, an unreasonably incompatible misfit in this world, pursuing BA(Hons) at CMR University in Bangalore. Pouring her heart out on paper is her only hobby. She is seeking answers to the innumerable questions that incessantly pop up in her mind, in this journey called Life.
  • Facts

    Let’s Trace The History Of The World Famous Mysore Pak!

    The Royal Sweet Who can refuse a  bite of the heavenly Mysore Pak?   The golden brown sweet which is heavenly and lifts your mood instantly as it melts away like butter in your mouth was but a result of a royal experiment. Via – themysorepak.com Tracing its history Kakasura Madappa, the palace cook of Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV conducted this…

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  • FactsBreast Tax

    Have You Heard About Breast Tax That Was Levied In India?

    Via – thehindu.com Nangeli The Rigid Caste system of India tried to cripple and oppress the lives of lower caste people in several ways.  Breast tax or Mulakkaram was one such tool which was employed. Brahmins levied this tax on lower caste women if they wanted to cover the upper part of their body. This was practiced in the Kingdom of…

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  • Factsbillionire Barber

    Ramesh Babu the Billionire Barber

    Have you heard of the Billionaire Barber Ramesh Babu from Bangalore? He owns a fleet of more than 400 cars including  A Rolles Royce, Mercedes-Maybach S600, BMW, and Jaguars.  This is just the beautifully ornamented external facade of his successful life. His humble beginnings: If one would dig deeper, his was a life of adversity and poverty which he won…

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