How to Match Your Earring According to Your Hairstyle

The face of a person is the focal point in the entire body as all the focus lies there. Apart from all the god gifted features of the face, another thing that makes a huge difference in how the person looks is the hairstyle of the person. It can really make a world of a difference to the entire look and so a lot of emphasis is put on it. Another thing that enhances the entire thing is jewellery and one in particular are the earrings. When worn right they really change the entire look of the person.

When you put two important things together, they are bound to make an impact. This is why it becomes important to understand how you must match your earrings according to your hairstyle. This article aims at providing an idea about how earrings, whether it is gold earrings design for daily use or large statement ones, are matched as per the hairstyle.

For when you want to wear your hair down

the easiest and most common hairstyle for girls with long hair is wearing it down. For such times, the best thing to do is wear simple clusters. Clusters are earrings that are made up of different materials and stones. They sit perfectly among the loose hair and do not get entangled in them. They also make you look very cute! Look for beautiful flower earring designs in gold that are evergreen and will always come handy.

For that very chic pixie cut

when you have pixie crop cut or are wearing an updo, then the best earrings to wear are danglers. This is because your hair is pulled back and is not available to frame your face. Wearing danglers will help in elongating your face and will draw attention to the upper part of your face. Since danglers are so versatile, you can find one for every occasion and style that you are looking for. Without a doubt you will have a pair of them in your jewellery collection.

For the evergreen ponytails and braids

for this beautiful hairstyle, the best earrings to choose are chandelier style and tear drop style. They also help in elongating the shape of the face since your hair is pulled back and is not available for framing purpose. These earrings are extremely classy and so is this hairstyle and hence together they work perfectly and give you a very elegant look.

For the classy and messy bun

buns are extremely sophisticated hairstyles and so your earrings should be too. The best ones to wear with such a hairstyle is the drop-down earrings. The best part about them is that they look good with every face shape and also work in both personal and professional settings. Look for drop-downs that are on the smaller side when you are going for a professional look as it adds that touch of elegance.

For the short hair ladies out there

For the short hair ones, small earrings that do not make the face look so big are perfect as it helps in defining the shape of the face without any fuss.

There obviously is no written rule about what you must wear and what you must not. You must always look at embracing whatever it is that makes you feel good. However, having said that, it also helps to have some guidance in place for times when you are stuck. This article has hopefully given you an idea about how to style the two the next time you are stepping out.

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