5 Tips For Choosing The Best Sex Therapist

There is a saying which goes, ‘there is always a better way’. We hear the same about the sex life that we are living in. We are so busy in our daily routine that we hardly spend time to understand our desires. Everyone tries their best to fix problems in a relationship. But sometimes, our efforts are not good enough, professional help is needed.

A certified sex therapist will help you with your relationship and sexual health. Your sex life won’t get better if your relationship doesn’t. Both of these factors need therapy for holistic healing. But it is not easy to find a good therapist with whom you and your partner feel comfortable. Here are some tips that you must consider while choosing the best sex therapist in Delhi.  

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Sex Therapist

1. Is sex therapist really needed?

Is sex therapist really needed?

A qualified sex therapist should have complete knowledge of the vast medical field that sex therapy is. But before you reach out to one, ensure that you have clarity on seeking help from a sex therapist. Ask questions like, “Why therapy? What is it that you find missing in your relationship?”. If you and your partner are sure to take help, then you must be ready to achieve therapy goals. You both will have to regularly meet the therapist and complete the tasks that he or she gives you as part of therapy. Consider these questions ahead of time and then proceed ahead to search for a good sex therapist in your locality. 

2. Cross check the therapist’s accreditation

Cross check the therapist’s accreditation
Source: Healthgrades

To gauge the authenticity of a therapist, it is important to check his or her credentials. The therapist should have a certification from a professional organization. Having an advanced degree like a Ph.D. or a master’s degree is also a must. Apart from certification, the therapist must also have completed 90 hours of human sexuality and 60 hours of sex therapy training. All these trainings must be done under the supervision of a qualified sex therapist.

One of the largest accrediting body for sex therapy is AASECT. It would be good if your therapist is certified from AASECT. Do the complete background check of the therapist you want to consult. Don’t confuse a sex therapist with a couple’s therapist.

3. Consider multiple options

Consider multiple options
Source: Well for Joy

There are many ways in which you can find the best sex therapist. Your friends or family can suggest a therapist or an online search engine can help you in finding one. The comfort level is important while choosing a sex therapist. Thus, it is advised that you talk to at least 2 to 3 therapists and take an initial consultation. Each therapist has a unique style of working. So once you talk to them, you will know which one you would be comfortable with. Another point to consider would be the proximity of your therapist. You wouldn’t want to travel miles for therapy sessions every day. Virtual therapy can help, but it isn’t that effective.

4. Consider therapist’s treatment plan and insurance

Consider therapist’s treatment plan and insurance
Source: GoodTherapy

Sex therapy is a dynamic process as the treatment changes with time. It is completely okay to ask about the treatment plan that your therapist foresees for you. Knowing the details will help you in understanding the commitment and cost that the treatment would need. Check with your insurance provider if sex therapy is covered in the health plan or not. By doing this exercise you will get an idea of the expenses that you both would be spending. If you are stressed about finances, then you can decide not to go for the therapy.

5. Be regular

Be regular
Source: Everyday Health

Since you would be spending quite a large amount of money on sex therapy, you must attend the sessions regularly. Be candid in expressing your feelings so that the therapist can help you in resolving your issues. If you are not expressive, then all your efforts in the therapy might go waste. Even if after a few sessions you are uncomfortable sharing your thoughts, then you might want to rethink taking the therapy.

Once you meet and interact with a sex therapist, you will know if the person is right for you. It may take you time to open up your emotions and challenges with your therapist. If your therapist is good, you would be supported by him or her throughout your recovery journey.

For more information on what a sex therapist can do for you and your partner, read more in this article from BetterHelp.

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