• Factsinternet inequality in india

    Internet Inequality in India and how it Affects the Masses

    If you are reading this, you probably have a stable internet connection… Internet inequality, in the era of digitalization of the fast-paced world, can be seen as a major setback in a democracy as large as India. Source: Connexus The Internet is a blessing, everyone agrees, but unfortunately it is not uniformly available to everyone. Internet is the digital cocaine…

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  • Factsdeadliest drugs in india

    The 4 Deadliest Drugs you can find in India

    55 billion dollars. 55 with 9 zeroes is the estimated value of the industry relying on drugs in India. The question is: what factors contribute to the growth of this self-destructive market? According to drugaware.com, drugs are substances (except food and water) that alter a person’s functioning physically and/or psychologically. On the grounds of law – drugs are classified as…

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  • FactsObesity and the Huge Role of American Food Chains in it

    Obesity And The Huge Role Of American Food Chains In It

    Everyone loves finger-licking fast food. And it is one of the major factors that result in obesity. America has been fulfilling this need since 1921 with its very first fast-food chain restaurant White Castle. Ever since then, fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, Barista Lavazza, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Cafe Coffee Day have expanded and have dominated the Indian…

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  • FactsHow Did Disney Princesses Shape Our Childhood?

    How Did Disney Princesses Shape Our Childhood?

    There’s a reason why your sister wants to become one of the Disney princesses. Anyone who has seen these movies has imagined themselves as their favorite Disney princesses. All of us at some point have been obsessed with them, acted them out, and loved having anything with their faces on. We have adored them to bits. As much as we…

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  • Factsperfectionist mind

    Inside the Mind of a Perfectionist

    “Perfectionism means we never feel good enough because we base our self-worth on what we do, what we achieve and what others think of us.” Sharon Martin, Author, The CBT workshops of perfectionists Image credit: Liberationist Google defines perfectionism as striving for flawlessness and setting high-performance standards for ourselves, accompanied by being self-critical. Contrary to the popular belief that perfectionism…

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