The Key Spots To Aim Your Security Cameras At

These days security has become more important than ever as break-ins are on the rise all across Australia, and the bad guys just grow bolder! It’s not enough to just have a sturdy fence and a padlock any more, greater measures must be taken to keep your commercial properties safe and secured!

One of the best ways to deter thieves is to install commercial CCTV cameras around your premises! When people know they are being watched they are less likely to try to break the law, understanding that there is evidence of their wrongdoing for all to see! The trick is, you have to place the cameras where they can see what matters, they won’t do any good at all if they are pointed at the wrong place! 

Here are some tips on what key areas your security CCTV cameras should be watching with their ever-vigilant electric eyes!

Entrances And Exits

Nobody ever goes in and nobody ever comes out without being seen by the cameras you place to monitor all of the building’s entrances and exits! It’s important to be able to capture good footage of a potential perpetrator’s face, so place a hidden camera at the average person’s eye level to get your mugshot! Today’s cameras come in sizes so small they can easily be blended into the surrounding decor- look at the pretty flower arrangement and smile, because you are on camera!

The Exterior

We tend to focus on what’s happening inside a business, but all too often the shenanigans get started outside! Consider the storefront, parking lot, sidewalk, alley, and loading dock- all of these areas need to be monitored so you have a record of any break-in attempts or vandalism taking place out there! Today’s cameras can catch more than faces, they can also capture the license plates of parked cars, so if someone makes a getaway you have their number! Did you know that even the famous castles of old have CCTV cameras hidden around their premises now? Your building will be in royal company!

Points of Sale

Thieves like to go where the money is, so make extra sure your points of sale, sales and help desks, and cash registers are well covered by your CCTV camera system! When mounting these cameras check to make sure they are pointed at the spot the customer would be standing and that the camera is no more than two metres in the air, or you will just be capturing the top of someone’s head, not a very helpful view when attempting to identify a suspect!

Secluded Areas

It may seem a bit odd to place security cameras in unused corners of your business, but these are precisely the places where criminal activity is planned and put into motion! Dim hallways, bathroom entrances, behind large potted plants- they can all give the bad guys cover, so don’t neglect them!

If you are seeking more information on commercial security in Australia be sure to check out the official Protective Security Policy Framework’s webpage. Stay safe and keep those cameras on, you never know who you’re going to catch!

Darsh Patel

Darsh Patel an Indian writer Living in Mumbai. Started this blog in 2017. I am the owner of this and many other blogs.

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