10 Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Coffee is the one drink everyone craves as soon as they wake up in the morning, no matter what time of the day it is or where we are. Coffee is that one drink we would go to in case of an exam, a deadline that may take the whole night to meet, or on a cold winter evening; coffee is there for you no matter what the occasion is.

It is believed that coffee was first discovered in the ninth century by goat herders who actually observed the effect on their goats when they ate the berries of the coffee plant. Learning about this, a monk who resided nearby decided to brew a drink out of these berries and consumed it. It turned out that it kept him up all night, and that is how coffee was discovered. 

10 Most Expensive Coffee in the World

1. Black Ivory

This is the most expensive coffee available in the world and is made from the Arabica beans, which are fed to the elephants, who eat it and then let it go through the whole digestion process. Prepared by the Ivory coffee company, this coffee is pricey because of the fact that after the entire process of digestion, only a few coffee seeds survive. 

2. Finca El Injerto 

This expensive coffee is made from the smallest and the rarest of beans which are extremely rich in flavor. They are washed and broken twice in order to retain their quality. 

3. Hacienda La Esmeralda  

This coffee is known to be grown and cultivated in Panama among guava trees. They are extremely rich in flavor and are only grown by experts who cultivate the plants to their prime. 

4. Kopi Luwak  

This coffee is found in Indonesia and is cultivated by making certain animals eat the coffee cherries, which further get their flavor through the whole process of digestion. They are processed further, after which they are sold in the market. 

5. Saint Helena 

The coffee is cultivated on an island and is known to have a caramel flavor in it with slight citrus after taste. The price of the coffee is mainly because of the fact that the transportation involved costs a lot.  

6. Molokai

This expensive coffee is found in Hawaii and is known to be their specialty and is known to be costly because of the fact that a lot of care is taken in growing the coffee and making the drink itself.  

7. Jamaican Blue Mountain

This coffee grows in the mountains of Jamaica and is quite different from the average variety as it lacks the bitterness as the typical coffee has. Apart from that, it is extremely popular in Japan as well. 

8. Fazenda Santa Ines 

This expensive coffee is found in Brazil and is as old as time itself because it dates back centuries ago. The flavor of the coffee is extremely rich and is known to be sweet and fruity in taste.  

9. Los Planes

This is found by a family of Sergio Yeyes and is also known to taste like tangerine with a hint of caramel and even brown sugar threads. This coffee has even won several awards for its excellent taste. 

10. The Mi Esperanza 

This coffee is known to be extremely popular among coffee lovers because it has a bitter aftertaste. It also comes in several flavors like fruits, spices, and nuts, which complement the taste of this expensive coffee even more. 

These are the ten different expensive coffees around the world that are very different compared to each other, and so is how they are made. Because tremendous care is taken in maintaining them and making sure they taste good, the price is explained on valid grounds. 

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