Top 7 Unusually Weird Designs of Heels

 Top 7 Unusually Weird Designs of Heels

Heels only the word is enough to make a girl or woman happy or at least bring a smile to her face. Heels are of different varieties and designs. They are available in different colors and sizes as well. The industry for heels is very vast. One can find heels made out of wire to heels made of human teeth. Heels can be very pleasant to look at but a pain in your ankle. The market is so wide you can find a pair of heels looking like cupcakes to a pair of heels looking like your backyard. Sometimes the designers come up with just fantabulous and mindblowing designs and sometimes not so good ones. There are many unusual designs of heels available in the market, but here I am going to discuss just 7. So here are 7 Unusually Weird Designs of Shoes.


Heels made out of chicken feet, isn’t it weird? These pair of shoes use actual chicken feet for heels. These shoes do not look very sturdy and may crack at any point in time. The only time I could think of strutting in these shoes would be while I would want to do the chicken dance. The shoes though do look perfect for laying eggs in, don’t they?


These heels are made by attaching human teeth to the soles of these shoes. The shoes were designed as cowboy boots by FANTITCH AND YOUNG. They made these shoes with the concept of evolution in mind. They wanted to include pieces of evidence of evolution in their design inspired by Darwin. Also, they wanted to come up with something unique and make sure it would dazzle the world, but I guess they just made us feel absolutely gross, looking at their creation.


Heels made to walk or swim? These are called as High Tide Heels. They were first designed by Paul Schietekat. He designed them to make swimming and walking easy. It is made in a design that the person who wants to swim will not have to constantly change his/her shoes to go for a dip. They were first launched in the summer of 2006, but the people thought they were very uncomfortable to wear and use.


The throwback to 1970’s when these heels were made. They were a part of the must-have shoe list during the time of the disco era. The fish in these shoes could be dead or alive. The soles of the shoes are removable and people can add what they want in the transparent platform. People have added gumballs, colored paper, live fish, etc.



Chia Pet Grass is used in the making of these shoes. The grass is attached to the heel and made into a band at the front of the shoe. It has to be watered daily and trimmed occasionally. They may attract pests, but it gives the feel as if the person is walking on grass. Though it may not be possible to use in daily life, it adds a green touch to your shoe collection.



Luckily the shoes do not contain real goat hooves. The designer of these shoes is Iris Schieferstein. They use wood and fur. People can buy these shoes on Amazon. Though you cannot wear them as your daily shoes, the shoes can make a great addition to your Halloween costume. Maybe try it out this October.


The shoe has a gun attached to the sole of a heel. The is not functional but does give a pretty fierce look. Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel and Laurence Dacade worked on the design together. Madonna wore the shoes to the release of her directorial debut of Filth and Wisdom in 2008. The shoes became a huge scandal when the U.K. victims’ charity criticised the shoes. Though yet people can buy these shoes online.

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