The Perfect Honeymoon Destination Madikeri

The distance from Mysore to the romantic hill station of Madikeri is 120km. It is a very beautiful valley surrounded by plantations of coffee and different spices of the district of Coorg. Situated at a height of 1061m, it is an extraordinary destination for a solitary honeymoon. This city of Coorg is bounded by the Western Ghats and Sahyadri ranges. This city was named after the Palleri King Madikeri in 1681.


The journey towards the queen of Coorg, Madikeri is mesmerizing. There are dense green coffee fields along the pitched roads on both sides and blue sky above the head. Fields of cardamom are also present. A cool wind blows along with a sweet fragrance in the air. One is bound to be fascinated while traveling towards Madikeri.

Raja’s Seat

Madikeri is not as crowded as the other hill-stations. It is a super peaceful hill station with its bus-stands, hotels, malls, markets, and coffee shops. The view from the pleasing sunset point is marvelous. Once upon a time, the Kodagus used to come here to watch the sunset. Therefore, this viewpoint is known as Raja’s seat. There is a garden of various colorful flowers and a panoramic landscape. Madikeri looks the best in the evening.

The Mall

The mall consists of showrooms of coffee and various spices. Madikeri is well-known for its honey, eucalyptus oil, spices, walnuts, nuts, raisins, and perfumes. One can get to purchase a variety of items here.

Omkareshwara Temple

Omkareshwara Temple

This ancient structure has four domes and four towers. There is an installed Shiva Lingam near the entrance door. In the interior lies the shrine of Lord Shiva. A water tank also exists inside the premises of the temple where a large number of fishes can be seen playing anytime. The specialty of the temple is its unique construction reflecting a mix of Islam and Gothic styles.

Madikeri Fort

Madikeri Fort

This fort was initially built by Mudduraja, who also built a palace inside the fort. Tipu Sultan eventually rebuilt it in granite and renamed the site as Jaffarabad. Thereafter, various rulers took over its control and renovated it. Two life-size masonry elephants lie in the north-east corner of the entrance. There is a church in the south-east corner of the fort.

Abbey Falls

7-9 km from Madikeri, the falls are located inside a coffee plantation. It is actually the cascading Kaveri river which flows like a beautiful waterfall here. To facilitate a good view of the falls, a hanging bridge has now been built.

Bhagamandala Temple

Bhagamandala Temple

Approximately 30km from Madikeri, this temple is built at the confluence of the three rivers Kaveri, Kanika, and Sujyothi. The temple was built in the Kerala style in the 11th century by the Chola rulers. Green mountains, blue sky, and the red earth make Bhagamandala an attractive spot where nature and history have blended beautifully.



This is the source of the river Kaveri. There are many myths regarding it. This is one of the pilgrimage sites for Hindus. The Talakaveri viewpoint enables the viewers to see a beautiful landscape view of the Western Ghats by climbing the Brahmagiri Hill.



Children can go for a 2km toy train ride. Trekking facilities are available in the Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary near Nagarhole National Park. Other spots for trekking are the Igguthappa Kundu, KoteBetta, Nishanimotte, and Pushpagiri. Thadiyandamol which is the micro hotspot of biodiversity in South India is the paradise for trekkers. Here, they can enjoy breath-taking views of the Arabian Sea and the Kerala coast.

A pleasant breeze prevails in Madikeri throughout the year. This is why tourists from all over the world rush here. This place is ideal for an undisturbed honeymoon.

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