• Art and CraftAmazing Art Supplies Every Kid Should Have

    8 Amazing Art Supplies Every Kid Should Have!

    Art supplies are basically materials used to enhance art and craft. Kids have a tender mind, and they generally tend to paint the walls, cupboards, and other necessary items in the house. But when kids are provided with essential art materials, including colours, sketch pens, and different kinds of pencils, it enhances their creative aspect to do better. Some of…

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  • The Hornbill Festival: Pride Of Nagaland

    In the entire world, our country, India, holds a different and unique position because people belonging to diverse cultures that live in harmony. The northern part of India is totally different from the south, just like the west is totally different from the east. Northeast India is very different from other parts of India. It is a mélange of different…

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  • Factsrube goldberg machines

    The Fascinating Engineering of Rube Goldberg Machines

    Many simple machines can make complicated tasks easy. Science and technology have come a long way so that we can perform hard and tedious tasks just at the push of a button. But Rube Goldberg machines are different- they are designed to achieve an easy task in an indirect and overly complicated manner. These machines usually consist of basic, unrelated…

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  • FactsThe Power of Your Feeling Brain Over Your Thinking Brain

    The Power of Your Feeling Brain Over Your Thinking Brain

    What is the difference between your feeling brain and your thinking brain? Our little brains are very delicate, filled will approximately 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections, making it the most convoluted organ in a human body. There are two sides to our brains, left and right, which are equally important despite their control points being totally opposite to each…

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  • Facts

    Top 10 Unmissable Attractions In Barcelona

    Being situated between the charming sea and mountains; the city of Barcelona has accomplished an impressive balance between ancient and modern art thereby offering an artistic scenery of the medieval era and the breathtaking architecture of Romanesque churches. Along with amazing sightseeing and leisurely walks along the sandy beaches, there are a few delightful surprises waiting for you at every…

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