5 Reasons Why You Wake Up At The Same Time Every Night

According to sleep doctors, it is normal for an average human being to have at least 4 or 5 nocturnal awakenings. However, even with fewer nocturnal awakenings, it should be easy for you to fall back to sleep with ease. Hence, if you cannot fall asleep fast, after you wake up in the middle of the night. There is something that could be hindering you from getting a good night’s sleep. As you read on, are some of the common reasons why you wake up at the same time every night and have a challenge falling back asleep. 

Reasons Why You Wake Up At The Same Time Every Night

1. Wrong Sleeping Position 

Do you wake up feeling fatigued, having headaches, with neck or back pain? This may be due to improper posture as you sleep. Therefore, before you start sleeping in the right position, you need to pay attention to the mattress you have if it is a quality one. If not, check through various mattress reviews to find one that is not only quality but soft and comfortable. Also, do not forget supportive pillows for your neck and head.

Thus, to avoid waking up at night, sleep on your left side as it helps to improve blood circulation, help the lymphatic system work well, improve digestion, among other benefits. If it is still a challenge, consult a sleep specialist to help you on how to position your pillows with other sleeping positions. 

2. Spending Time Online 

Did you know that scrolling through Instagram or chatting on Facebook damages the quality of sleep you get? The reason is that you are exposing your eyes to the blue light from the mobile phone screens that are known to prevent the body from producing the sleep hormone melatonin. For this reason, ensure that you turn off electronic devices at least an hour before you retire to bed. However, if you have to check your email, dim your mobile phone and have your gadget away from your face. Otherwise, you should add this practice to your sleep routine, and it will improve the quality of sleep you get. 

3. Environmental Noise 

If you live in a city, the noise exposure you get is day and night. Your partner’s alarm ringing, a train or bus was passing by, a neighbours radio every morning, to children playing around. All these noises ruin the quality of sleep that you get. More so, if you are a shift worker and you have to sleep during the day. To avoid the noises causing you to wake up at night, buy earplugs to use but remember to clean them often. Also, you can soundproof your walls to block neighbouring sounds to sleep more comfortably. 

4. Drinking Alcohol 

Many people drink alcohol to sleep fast, and it helps as it has a sedative effect. Nonetheless, it is a reason that causes you to wake up in the middle of the night as it causes you to be restless at night. This is because when your body metabolizes the alcohol in your system, the sleep quality you get worsens. Therefore, the best thing to drink before you go to bed is to avoid drinking alcohol at least two hours before bed. Instead, drink herbal tea that will help you sleep fast, like chamomile tea, a glass of milk, and also hibiscus tea.

5. Restless Leg Syndrome

Do you wake up with a strong urge to move your legs? You may be suffering from restless leg syndrome. This problem is neurological, and it causes you to feel an itching and crawling sensation in your legs. Other people claim to feel a throbbing pain in the lower limbs and aching. To avoid this waking you up every night, change your sleep patterns by having a nap during the day. Also, you can do moderate exercise, leg massages, and a warm bath helps to relieve the symptoms. 

To sum up, the above reasons that cause you to wake up at the same time every night can easily be controlled by improved lifestyle and sleep habits. Others that can cause your night awakenings are the wrong temperature of the room and also sleep apnea. In case any remedies do not work, contact your sleep specialist to help you through them.

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