Top 9 Indian Ethnic Wear

Wearing ethnic clothes has a positive cultural connotation in India, where people feel they have to uphold traditional and religious values by wearing clothes that are appropriate for their religion and culture. This gradually evolved into a strong sense of self-identity which led to the development of an industry that abides by these sociocultural practices in an attempt to keep this tradition alive. Indian ethnic wear is a huge segment of the fashion industry, it shares the same values as Indian culture. It has been an important part of Indian society for centuries and it has always expressed its rich heritage. Here are the top ten most famous ethnic wears in India.

Top 9 Indian Ethnic Wear

1. Salwar kameez

The salwar kameez is Punjab’s traditional clothing it is a whole look. Salwar is a tunic type of top with slits on both sides and the kameez Is like loose trousers. Now there are different styles and varieties of Salwar kameez. Salwar kameez is normally worn with a dupatta which is like a Scarf but longer. The Salwar kameez is believed to be originated from the costumes of the Mughals.

2. Anarkali

Originating from Lahore Anarkali is a frock-style top and features a slim fitted bottom. The length is normally ankle or floor length but it can be customized. The name Anarkali came from the legend of Anarkali a courtesan in Mughal emperor Akbar’s court. The legend says she was killed because of her illicit relationship with crown prince Salim later known as Jahangir. The word Anarkali means delicate bud of pomegranate flower. It is meant to describe the innocence, and softness of the person wearing the Anarkali.

3. Mekhela Sador

Melhela sador is Assamese ethnic wear it is like a saree. Traditionally mekhela sador is made out of eri silk cotton and pat silk. Mekhala Sador has woven patterns on it.

4. Ghagra choli

Ghagra is Indian ethnic wear notably worn in Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujrat, etc. ghagra has three parts the skirt and the blouse, and the dupatta. The skirt is flared to make it more comfortable. The blouse is called choli. Choli is typically worn with Saree.

5. Lahenga

Ghagra and Lahenga are quite familiar but the main difference is lehenga’s skirt is a little narrow and can be A-cut or mermaid cut it is worn simply for the occasion while the ghagra can be worn every day. Unlike ghagra lehenga might not come with a dupatta depending on preferences.5. PuancheiWorn by Mizo women during festivals it is an item of warm clothing. Puanchei is a colorful wrap-around. It is made out of yarn stripes with white, red, black, and green colors.

6. Dhoti

Worn by men Dhoti is traditional Indian wear. Dhoti is like a saree but for men, it is worn differently in different places. Mostly it is wrapped between legs in a way to create a loose trouser kind of illusion. Dhoti is normally worn with a kurta or Panjabi but in south India, people like to wear it with a shirt.

7. Kurta pajama

A two-piece piece of clothing for Indian men. The kurta is a long mostly knee-length shirt. The pajama is lightweight drawstring trousers.

8. Bandhgala

Originating from Jodhpur, bandhgala is ethnic wear for men. It consists of a coat trousers and sometimes a vest. It is suitable for weddings or any formal events. Bandhgala quickly became famous all over Rajasthan and eventually India.

9. Saree

India’s most popular and traditional clothing is Saree. It is an un-stiched stretch of woven fabric. One end of the fabric is tucked in your waist the other end rests on the shoulder. You can wear a saree in different ways. A saree can be worn every day or occasionally. There are different kinds of sarees kanjeevaram, banarasi, jamdani, etc.ConclusionIndian Ethnic Wear has a variety of different designs and styles to choose from, which makes it one of the most popular and trending fashion trends in India.

Overall there is no better way to experience India than through clothes and culture. The Indian ethnic variety is vast and consists of many different styles of clothing. The diversity and colors make it one of the most desirable clothing items that one can use regularly.

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